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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Heading Towards the West..... Art Everyday Month Day 7

My piece I worked through yesterday while in my graffiti class...:)  Still some things to do but I love how it turned out. I had several wonderful students who really had a great time playing with paint and experimenting.

It's Sunday and I'm not ashamed to say I'm still in my pajamas
playing a little bit in my journal, catching up on laundry and some reading I've been wanting to do....and just thinking about what it is I want  need to do for the week.  Taking time to breathe and relax is important.  Little man asked me what's on the agenda today.   I replied, nothing.  NOTHING??  As if I cursed at him.  Of course nothing to me is really something, its just something without a definite schedule of when I have to do it, and if it doesn't get done, then it's not a crisis.  That's my version of nothing :)
 "I Look To The East To See Where I've Been, And to the West to see the Places I've Yet to Visit"  A rather quick journal page this morning....I played with picture I had of my self looking into the distance somewhere at something...very reflective.  I somehow turned this into something where I look very aged and worn out..LOL  not exactly the effect i was going for but who cares, it's just play and practice.  
Materials used:
Strathmore mixed media journal
Derwent watersoluble pencils in light and dark wash
Gray and White Neocolor II crayons
Black zig pen
lt blue and pink markers
blending stump

It's getting to be that time of year where I really take stock of what I've done and what I've yet to accomplish. I tend to get really reflective as do many near the end of the year but furthermore it's almost my birthday...I start to question myself and at the same time challenge myself.  Can I really be almost 42 years old?   Maybe the picture is more accurate than I choose it to be. My skin isn't as flawless as it once was. My eyes show wear of worry and stress, my lines on my face by my mouth are indented from smiling and experience of life's up and down.  I'm not as young as I feel nor as old as my years would suggest. 
It's time to make a plan for the second half of my life before too many more days and years slip away. I'm not really a spontaneous person although I'm not really rigid in my direction either.  I like plans though--so the first thing on my list is going to be a business plan. I want direction in my art life because that really is going to define how the next phase of my world is going to be.  Or at least the part that is feeding my soul at this point.  Of course my children are also guiding my happiness and giving me direction, I'm merely speaking on an individual level.

(more student work from yesterday!)

In that plan is definitely going to be more teaching activities.....I truly enjoy and am inspired by seeing others  have fun and enjoy creating.
When you find something you enjoy doing.....stick with it...even push it to the next level. Challenge yourself!
I hope the students I have taught over the last year and half are continuing on their own artistic journey...
So yes, I'm still here in my pjs, enjoying this brisk Sunday....drinking coffee, relaxing, enjoying the silence of not having to adhere to a schedule or be anywhere at any giving time.  It's giving me time & breathing room to begin laying  out some plans fo my own as I head towards the West.
Are you starting to take stock of your year behind you and the one to come?  What is it that you truly want to accomplish in 2011?


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

You have taken some huge steps to creating a life of your own design for the next half and that's a really big deal. Those lines are an important road map, not that we want to go back to where we've been mind you but maybe a reminder of the journey so we think twice about taking wrong turns in the future. I'm inspired by you!

Leah said...

beautiful work, jodi! wishing you well on wherever your journey takes you!

ArtSnark said...

what fun! Thanks for sharing the wip photos. Hope you've had a fantastic day & enjoy your week ahead.

I'm enjoying my last few days as a (ahem) young 40 & have been having similar thoughts lately

Susan Reep said...

Your comments touch on many issues that I've been mulling over. I just turned 64, however, so you are just a young thing. And the year-end search for direction. So familiar.

Sherry Lynn said...

Love your self portrait, I just turned 44 and feel the same way. Love following your blog. Thank you for your inspiration.

Regina said...

Oh, Yes! Do give your self days that are not pushed. You need them.
Enjoy your health and energy. Make your plans and shoot for your dreams.
And remain flexible. We never know what is around the next corner.
Like you, I really enjoy the interaction that comes with teaching. It's been a while for me. That could be a goal... Hmmm