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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Multi-tasking Baby, Multi-tasking! Art Everyday Month Day 6

 Art Everyday Month Day 6! We are creating baby, really creating lots of artsy goodness here in the studio. By we, I mean  but it sounds better if there's a crowd of us just hanging out sling paint, laughing, smiling and having fun.  Well, there will be this afternoon or rather over at Swank Handmade Market and Coffee Shoppe in Southern Pines, NC.   I worked on getting my final to-do's done last night for my class till the weeeee hours of the evening.     We are going graffiti and while working on my samples--I wanted to show you how you can multi task while creating.
I had my new journal at the table while painting and I used it as a secondary palette to sample colors, practice with the stamps and pretty much mirror some of what I was doing on the canvas, onto the journal. 
 I then finished it off with a bit of scribble writing to frame it out. I think it looks cool! :) 
There's never a shortage of paper around here so I had a piece of watercolor paper handy, too and continued to play with a second page all the while painting.   I can use this in another journal, cut up and use as collage fodder or just enjoy the beauty of it as is!

 For today's class, I'm going to feature a variety of techniques that will show the students how to create interesting backgrounds, layer their paint and marks they create and then finish off the canvas with funky lettering and enhanced details.

What ways can you multi-task your creative activities while working?   You never know what you may come up with while experimenting, just try it!

Tip to make your pieces cohesive--try limiting your color palette to 3 or 4 main colors plus black and white (or other dark and neutral color).   Carry your theme to other things you are doing, additional canvases, journal pages, collages, etc.  Use different values of the colors within your palette to add interest.  Don't be afraid to paint over some details.  When adding layers and creating depth--its sometimes necessary to leave those intial layers behind so  you can move forward and create a piece of work that truly has more meaning because of that depth.
Kinda like life.  We build on our initial layers of who we are.  They never go away but we do learn from them, expand our world because of them and become a person who is filled with experiences, stories, ideas, and memories because of everyday before today.
Treat  your paintings and creations like life. 
Take away
Tell your story
Challenge yourself
Work through the messy stages to emerge into all that is possible and beautiful
Enjoy the journey :)


Emma said...


tammy vitale said...

Love the moodiness of this and they layering which I never have the patience for (letting things dry before proceeding), so I wind up with muck. which is why I play with beads alot (no waiting) and clay (muck is good in clay). thanks for sharing!

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love the flow of this post. Just like how your paintings seem to evolve... just happening.

Sherry Lynn said...

Love your picture..

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I always enjoying reading your posts, Jodi. You make me want to get busy flinging paint! Everywhere!!

Felicia Kramer said...

Gorgeous work, and thought provoking post!

Anonymous said...

Multi tasking is the only way sister!!! Love it:-)