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Saturday, October 03, 2009

New beginning --and a GIVEAWAY!

new house outside moving day
You probably wonder where I've been this last week! Not surprisingly, I've been buried under a pile of boxes. This truck jam packed full times 2 which we started moving last Friday. I didn't have as much help as I thought I would so there was just two of us on Friday doing all the heavy lifting and moving. The excitement of a new beginning kept me going though despite the elbow grease required :)

new house outside moving day
Here's a pic of my quaint little abode, a 1960's ranch that is as cute as can be. For my first home, it's perfect. Probably the only thing missing that was on my wish list is a wrap around porch, but I do have a there you go, it's all about compromise and loving what you have and not focusing on what you don't.

new house outside moving day
Another selling feature was this super sweet woodsy back yard, complete with an out building (with lots of spiders...eeek!). I hope to make this into an outdoor studio one day. It already has a cement floor and good bones to work with. In the Carolina's, summer is brutal so this would have to be more of a Spring and Fall art house but who knows, I'll probably have to fit it with air and heat anyway if I want to keep paint out there and paintings. All I know is that I love it!
The kitchen in disarray, this was about 10:00 pm last Friday night as we were putting up all the stuff after about 12 hours of work. I don't love the plaid wall paper on the back wall.. so that will be changed out but I do have tons of cupboard space so that's a good starting point.
Cozy little living room....I set this up right away so we'd have a place to sit in between all the chaos of moving. I am changing out the wallpaper (wall paper every where!!) eventually and hopefully get a new living room suite. In the course of moving I found my fall decorations so I put those out the first night, too. I forgot I even had them to begin


And on to my studio....shelves everywhere! YIPPPEE I can FINALLY move all my art junque out of the dining room and set it up so I can not only be inspired, but be efficient at what I do! Previously, I spent more time going through boxes and totes to find what I needed. Talk about frustating!

holy heART attack
I'm not even kidding you when I say I had half a truck load alone of art stuff....that is for rizzle!
It's taken me all week to get things out the boxes and on the shelves.
mini hearts
I have most everything un packed and so now it will be just a matter of rearranging here and there, making sure I have my supplies in a way that makes artful sense and then beautifying it with creative goodness as I go along.

Hey, how about a contest--Let's come up with a name for my new studio. Are you in???
What will you win?? A pair of 2 of my heart blocks, 6x6 in the color of your choice and words of your choice.
To enter, just name your suggestion in a comment to me, now through October 10th and the winning suggestion or inspiration for the studio name will get a pair of customized Sweet HeART blocks!

progress....almost ready to create....

Love the fireplace, I just need to get a smaller table so I can make an L shaped work area by my desk and leave the fire place area open. Perhaps put a small reading chair in the other corner not pictured.

blank canvas (600 x 450)
Last night I finally started on a new my new studio, in my new home. :)

blankcanvas2 (600 x 400)
Next up...see the finished piece and more about my new painting :0
October 2009 (600 x 480)
Thank you for taking this house buying journey with me. I couldn't have done it without the support and guidance of my friends and family! It's been a ride but I'm proud of where I am right now and excited to see where I go next with my new role as a homeowner :)

Don't forget to put your choice in the hat for the giveaway by making a suggestion for my studio name!


ArtSnark said...

Jodi, your new place looks awesome! Congrats! I'm a bit jealous of all your shelving I must admit ;D

How about "Sweet Retreat" or "Sweet Repeats Retreat"?

Enjoy your fab space

ArtSnark said...

Once you are settled, if you'd like to appear in my Studio Tour Saturday's blog series just drop me a line. I'm booking Dec. & January now

fromthepines said...

My HeART place

I LOVE the fireplace, and the shelves...too cool!



Jodi, the new house looks wonderful...good for you! My first thought for your studio name was similar to Stacey's suggestion..."Lucy's Sweet Retreat.". So, how about "HeArt Haven"? Enjoy your new home and may it be filled with happiness!

Arlene said...

Sorry I can't come up with a name for you. That is something I have a hard time doing even when it comes to my art. BUT I wanted to tell you I love your new house! Your new studio is awesome!


Rayann said...

Really cute congrats on your first home the studio is great I Love snarks name sweet retreat

Denise said...

Congratulations on your cottage - it is lovely! When I saw the pic of your studio's white shelving I gasped! I'd be in heaven to have that set up!
How about Blissful Haven for a studio name?

Brenda Lynn said...

Oh my, the new place is so nice, Jodi. And I'm with Stacey on Sweet Retreat. It's just perfect!

Heidi said...

Another vote for Sweet Retreat! Or how about something along the lines of Work of HeArt studio? I'm envious of all those glorious shelves! That would have sold me on the house too. :) Congratulations on your darling new place! :)

terry said...

contentment-thanks, terry

Midwestie Lady - Linda said...

What a beautiful studio you have. How about:

Sweet Heart Center



Feather Gold said...

Congrats on your new home and that you survived the first time buying process. Your home is gorgeous and I'm sure with time and your creativity, it will only be more gorgeous. Good luck in your new home!


PS...yes, i'm back to blog world, having disappeared forever ago and I've changed my blog as well so you may not recognize the name. about SweetArt Studios.

Regina said...

Hi Jody,
congrats on the new home!
As for the name of your studio, my first thought has already been suggested: Sweet Retreat!
or Lucy's Sweet Retreat!
or Jodi's Sweet Retreat!


Thanks for the kind comment about the collage....the Neocolor crayons are the water soluble ones and then I accented the piece with oil to have new supplies to play with :)

Hugs to you !

Claudia Finn said...

Wow what a great blog, so fun and yes I agree those shelves those shelves!!!well I really like them...:)

Iris Perez said...

Hello Jodi, I read about you on "Artful Gathering" and here I am. You have a beautiful new home. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your own studio, living in an apartment in NY myself. If I had such a beautiful new space like you that would be mine for the liking, having come from an apartment, I would call it, "From Heart to Eternity". Congratulations, Iris Perez