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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Seasons of Change

In the Winter, I love the peaceful rest as we prepare for the rebirth of the land and the rejuvenation of our lives after traveling along a year long winding road.

With Spring, I welcome the promise of a new beginning and awakening of my spirit as the earth opens her blooming doors.

The playful abandon & carefree days of summer remind me of my youth when the days were long a and the nights filled with laughter and fun.

And then when our bodies are weary and minds ready for a rest, we cozy up to a crisp fall day warmed by our sweaters and worn jeans as we feed on the long awaited harvest.
How do you feel about the seasons?? What colors or memories spark you emotions with each of the 4 seasons?

Discover with me the colorful layers of the seasons as I lead you through my new work shop, "Fun with Faux Encaustics"! You still have a few days to sign up for my early registration where I'm giving a refund to one of my students that signs up on or before June 15th! (Scroll down to find my workshop description, there's a button to click on to sign up)!
Feel free to email me with any questions!

I hope you are having an inspiring week! If I haven't said it in awhile, let me say it now....thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such heartfelt and sweet comments! I always get motivated when reading my bloggedy friends messages!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

.....summer is upon us with the kids just about out of school. Bring on the beach, flip flops, and evenings sipping lemonade on the porch as we relax and enjoy the playful months ahead :) It's time to create with the same abandon! What are your crafty and creative endeavors for the season?? Vacation plans??

I have lots of work lined up for the summer but I will be taking a break to head back home (after 2 years I come NY) for the week following 4th of July! I can't wait....looking forward to seeing my family. It's been....tooo.....long. I feel disconnected in so many ways, I really need to have that sense of belonging and roots once more at my side.

Till next time, live to create, create to live!


Patti said...

Absolutely LOVE the seasons - how nicely captured with color...

Yes, school is out and my kids have been keeping me so busy I haven't had time to blog-hop or post, so my goal is to have fun AND hit the studio!

Paula said...

That's a really fun series, Jodi!

There's so much to be said for living in a place where all four seasons are distinguished. I LOVE it! The coming of winter to me means time to hunker down, fire crackling, blankie on my lap, stew simmering and cookies baking. Something to stitch, a good book to read and time with my family while the weather howls outside.
Spring is an awakening. You can smell it coming in the wind, the earth beginning to come to life, renewing us all.
Summer is a time for fun, family, bbq's. Laughter and warm nights are what come to mind.
And then there's fall. My favorite, but don't tell the other three - LOL! Fall is that crispness in the air, golden orange air and crunchy leaves under my feet. A bit of magic in the air, pumpkins and corn mazes, witches and goblins. Sweaters and hiking boots. Wonderful!

Becky said...

We are all so excited that your coming to New York. I miss you and the Boys...and Jim too so much! I took the week of sista so we are gonna have some fun! Love and miss you

ArtSnark said...

nice work & such a pleasing post :D enjoy your visit!

Leah said...

Lovely series! I'm especially drawn the summer one, go figure. :-)

Marilyn Rock said...

Your "seasons" pieces are fantastic and I cannot wait to take the workshop! I've got all I need, for it, and am very excited. You gotta love anticipation! Best always - Marilyn

icandy... said...

Your creations are sooo beautiful! I'm in love with your artwork! :)