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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Little Pink Houses of My Own

If all you wanted to do was paint pink houses and dream about a land far and away that was magical and fun and full of creative inspiration, guess what would happen? Eventually you'd have a house full of paintings and lots of cool things to paint with, tons of awesome art supplies just waiting for their turn to be played with....

.....and 4 loads of laundry piled up on your bed because you'd much rather be painting then doing laundry, I mean, really, how inspiring is folding clothes, anyway? Trust me, this is exactly what would happen!

Perhaps you'd be imagining while painting how wonderful your life would be if you you could just find a pretty pink house with a yard (ahem....a small yard, not a 2 acre unruly mess), perhaps a deck with 2 white wooden rockers waiting to be visited with a cool glass of lemonade tempting your thirsty lips. You'd dream of a kitchen that could fit more than one person and a dining room that could hold 15 or 20 during Thanksgiving and be a open spacious sunny studio the other 364 days of the year. 4 bedrooms nestled within the sturdy walls of your pink palace of creative wonder, ready for guests or a studio that you might one day actually work in full time. I'd bet you'd be dreaming of early morning walks with the dew at your doorstep and sun rising on your back and not a schedule to be fulfilled except for the one you created for yourself, as you walk for inspiration and ponder the next big creation with each early day. Coming home after a half hour or so, with big ideas dancing around your head, you greet each of your beloved jars of paint with sheer joy and loving expectation. Paint, paint, and then paint some more as you travel down whatever road the muse beckons you until the shrill buzz of the dryer interrupts your meditative mind unforgivably.

You look up and realize it was all just a dream, one you've traveled down many times before. As you immerse yourself in this world of tiny houses and colorful towns of your imagination, the reality sets in that the laundry simply will not go quietly into the night without you.



I declare, June, the "Get Your Shit Together Month". Seriously. Come with me and take hold of your life so your fantasy world can become more of a reality! What is it that is holding us back? What would make us move forward if we had other things cleared out of our way or at least a path cleared so we can get through!
I know one thing holding me back is scheduling. Handling a full time job with raising a son and then managing an creative pursuit that is quickly becoming a full time job , both exciting and a challenge! Organization and better time management would help me tremendously. To combat this I even went out and bought a pretty pink planner. I've already started to fill it up with things I have planned for the month, months to come and even in early 2010! Wow. Next, I'm planning on putting events on my calender that are necessary monthly, weekly and even daily. I'm using the same planner for my day job as I'm going to do for my artistic endeavors. All in one spot with lists and to dos..well, maybe just maybe I will stay on track.

Other areas I want to organize/tackle/complete this month:

Finish up a custom project
Finish videotaping my workshop
Plan my vacation
Organize my supplies
Clean my closets
Start getting rid of things or put up stuff for a yard sale
Write a couple of articles
Start a newsletter
Start preparing for an October Show
Loose 15 lbs by July
Hey...we all gotta dream!

Anywhoo...I really want to find a dreamy 'pink house' of my own but one of the things that's holding me back is the dread of moving because of all the stuff around me I really don't need anymore. If I start to load XS baggage, perhaps new opportunities will open up for me. I really believe that can work figuratively and literally.

I do need to sock more $$ away....but that's come a long way since I last spoke of this desire. I've paid down on a lot of things as well as added to my income quite nicely over the last things are moving in the right direction. Now, to just stay the course!! tell me what you are going to do during this tribute to "Getting Your Shit Together" Month. It doesn't have to be something dramatic....little shit turns into big shit removal! Really!

:) Till next time! Create to Live, Live to Create!

PS!!! don't forget I am GIVING away 1 FREE Class if you sign up for "Fun with Faux Encaustics" before JUNE 15th!! One lucky winner will be announced from all of the participants one June 16th that their 'tuition' will be reimbursed!! What are you waiting for????? Join in on the fun!


Brillig! said...

LOL Don't think I've ever seen you use a "4 letter word" on your blog before!!! Nice! And you picked my favorite word to boot! :)

Getting my shit together? That would involve organization and finishing up all those little Round Tuits I've got around the house and shop. I've started making daily commitments about the little things and weekly and monthly commitments around business goals. I've only been doing it for a few weeks so far and I've accomplished quite a few things!!! Now if I could only bring myself to clear out the storage unit! HA.

Michelle Eaton said...

LOL! Love it and love your artwork. Very colourful and fun :)


Pixie said...

mmm...getting my shit together onvolves two things this month: passing my British drving test AND beginning my online Spanish course so that I can finally have my Social Work degree!

whyte said...

Your new post is so timely. Organization is not terribly difficult for me, but I have this longggg list of things I don't enjoy doing but need to do. Like clothing mending for myself and a pile my daughter gave me a year ago and said "no hurry", and vacation photos from 3 years ago +forward that need editing and tagging, seriously starting my own journal instead of 20 false starts involving the first entry, then 8 months laspe so we start another "first" entry.... I've thought about posting something on my blog that would force me because of a commitment in front of watching eyes, but so far that's not doing it.

Heidi said...

Okay, I laughed so hard I choked when I read about "GYST" month! :D I'm all for it. For me, I'm pretty organized, I just lack motivation. I am a procrastinator. I have a zillion and one unfinished projects that I'll get around to someday... So for me, GYST month means finally getting some pictures on my walls and recovering my kitchen chairs, both things I've been meaning to do for oh, years now. I'll start small. :)

ArtSnark said...

GYST month - yeah, it's been that way all year around here it seems. All I can do is just keep on keeping on... that & yet another load of laundry ;P

starrynightimpressions said...

Jodi!! lol
My curse word is procrastination!!!

Hey, I love to fold laundry, it's just the putting away that sits and sits.

Thanks for the kick in the behind.


Patti said...

I love your new paintings - your work is really evolving, awesome!
I'll get back to you on my ideas for getting my s*!t together - there are so many things on the list that I'm afraid to make a list!

Nicole said...

I love all the shades of pink in your houses! I also love to paint houses or little cottages. I always have dreams of living in whimsical cottages!

Raesha D said...

what a great post Jodi!!! i totally need a "get your shit together" YEAR!!! But a month will be a good start:):) I have a one month sabbatical from work starting july 23 so there's a lot I want to do so i don't get bogged down with spending the whole month cleaning.

PCarriker said...

Totally understand and art is my full time job! Never enough hours no matter how many you have. I think organizing is an ongoing process always having to be refined as new demands come up. Is that the GYST of it? Lol!

Tess said...

Wow!! What a great fantasy post. Loved it! And a fantasy can become a dream that comes true. I just want to see the top of my dinindg room table again. I think it's brown like the rest of the table. Or is it?!! But I'm afraid to put everything away. If I do I may never find it again. (I often forget where I put things.)

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