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Monday, June 15, 2009

Questions and Answers about Fun with Faux Encaustic Workshop

There's still time to sign up for my giveaway of 1 free class of my newest online work shop "Fun with Faux Encaustics". How to win? I will be picking randomly one of the paid participants that sign up through 6/15 for a full class 'tuition' refund. It pays to be an early bird!

Class Details:
A beginner to intermediate mixed media course that explores an exciting new technique that mimics encaustic painting
The picture above is simply a representation of the class and not the actual projects taught

Workshop description:

Are you intrigued by the layers of sweet beauty that encaustic painting offers but intimidated by the process and hesitant to invest in another assortment of art supplies? Or, are you looking to try some new techniques that explore the usage of acrylic mediums? Perhaps you simply want to begin your journey into the mixed media art world. If so, then we invite you to join this delightful online workshop. Students will be led through a fascinating process of mimicking encaustic painting by incorporating acrylic mediums, layers of collage, acrylic paint., and enhanced with light journal writing on stretched canvases. Students will be provided with videos, still pictures, and written directions to utilize during the work shop. By the end of the course, students will have completed four faux encaustic pieces. We also have a coupon code for 10% off regularly priced items at Jerry's Artarama for those that register for the class!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I will be away the week of July 15th. Will I be missing out on any live session or get too far behind if I start late?

This is a great question and one that we are pleased to say that we've thought of your busy schedules this summer as we presented the work shop and are offering it as an open class where you can work at your own pace and not worry about missing out on something if you can't start working on the projects on July 15th! This is a self paced workshop so you can view the lessons at your leisure.

2) How will the lessons be structured?

The lessons will be presented in an easy to follow format broken down in several steps via video and again via written instructions. We will open up a forum for student discussions as well as questions. For fun, we will also ask the students to post pics of their works in progress & finished pieces.

3) I've never painted before but I want to learn, I'm just not sure if this will be too complicated for me.

Another great question! A desire to learn and a willingness to explore is really all you need to get started. We will supply you with the foundation to create wonderfully layered mixed media art that mimic encaustic paintings. While true encaustic can not fully be recreated, we will show you how to achieve a dreamy look like encaustic painting through a whimsical series of paintings enhanced with acrylic mediums.

4) I really can't draw, I'm not sure how I will be able to paint!

Have no fear! We will help you explore your creative side that is exists within everyone! You WILL be able to do this!

5) I don't have many paints & suppplies but I want to play along. Where do I get the materials to complete the projects.

I tend to work in a limited color palette and I suggest that you do the same for this class, so you will only need a few colors, craft paint is fine if that's what you have or you can purchase a few colors t at local craft store inexpensively. As far as the rest of the supplies, visit Creative Workshops to download my supply list. Jerry's Artarama is also offering a 10% discount for your order for anything you purchase through their website. We have a coupon code for all paid participants to use. Once you sign up and the class beginss, if you opt to watch the videos, I give you lots of tips for items around the house you can use as well! I can supply collage packs for those that do not have many collage supplies available at a nominal fee.

6) Is the workshop web based or in person?

This class is completely online. I will be available to answer questions from my students for as long as they need me via the forum on Creative Workshops, or via email if the student would rather ask something privately. The forum is ONLY open to paid students, so you will not have to feel funny asking something, we will all be doing this together!

7) What skill level is this class?

I feel that anyone from a true beginner to a more advanced painter who wants to explore mixed media will be able to take this work shop and not only learn some new techniques, they will excel with my easy to follow directions and step by step videos and written directions.

8) If I can't take this class will you be offering more in the future?

I certainly hope so. It's my dream to create full time. Currently, I have a full time day job and am a single parent so until my situation changes and I am full time working artist, my class offerings will be limited but I do intend to offer others in the future! Why wait till then though?? This is an OPEN class, so you can work at your own pace!!!

9) What exactly is encaustic painting? Your workshop looks interesting but I have never heard of encaustic painting!

Encaustic painting is an age old technique that has been around for centuries and used by many of the masters. It is a form of painting that utilizes bees wax, damar resin, and pure pigment. Layers are created by melting the wax and resin (using pigment if you wish) and painting on with a brush, reheating and painting with an iron and other tools over a collage or oil based paint. The resin aids in stabilizing the wax. The result is a deeply layered dreamy look, the wax is almost like a frosting on the painting. Sounds like fun?? It is, but it's also expensive form of painting. You may not want to invest in this medium if you are a beginner or even if you are a skilled painter but yet you desire a look that achieves a similar effect. This class will show you how you can get a cool effect that mimics encaustic painting using collage techniques and acrylic mediums with paint. While you CAN simply add beeswax to acrylic painting, it is HIGHLY recommended that you don't. Wax and acrylic are not stable when adhered together. Your work of art will not stand the test of time nor heat! You don't have to worry about this with our technique as the formulas will enable you to paint over acrylic paint and paper w/o having to worry about anything sliding off or cracking! To learn more about true encaustic painting, click HERE.

I hope that clarifies a few questions, if you have others that I have not addressed, please email me at:!


ArtSnark said...

great Q&A - very thorough

Marilyn Rock said...

You've answered these questions very thoroughly - thank you! I cannot wait for the class :)

Ophelia said...

This helps explain a lot of the questions I had.. thanks so much for doing this...and I can't wait for the class to begin.