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Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret Sale and Question of the Day!


Secret Sale going on over at my Etsy Shop!

50% off all prints this weekend, thru midnight Sunday!


Okay, so let's not make it so secret, help me spread the word!!! :)


Hope everyone has had a great week! Did you read the new Studios issue yet? I want an ARt House!!!!! I always get such great ideas and inspiration when I look at other artist's studio space, makes me jealous that I have but a little ole crowded dining room to get my ART ON! One of these days! Until then, I can dream!

Tell me Where YOU create and what you love or don't love about your space!!


CONGRATS to my winner of the free Fun with Faux Encaustic class beginning July 15th:

Elena Nosyreva

Elena doesn't have a blog or a website just yet but I wanted to give her a big shout out and congratulate her for winning! She said she never wins anything so I'm happy that this made her day yesterday when I sent her the news that she was picked amongst the students who have signed up so far for my class.

Have you joined?

Okay so back to my question of the day!

Tell me where you create and what you love about it or don't love so much about it! Share your display or storage tips with us!!



Anyone that spreads the word via TWITTER, FACEBOOK, your BLOG or other website about my weekend sale will be entered to win a 4 pack of my ACEO prints! I even have some that are not yet listed so you may get some of my new pieces!!

Just let me know via a comment & or provide me with a link that you shared this post and I will put your name into the drawing!


Linda Hardy said...

What do I dislike and like about my so called called studio?

My studio is a 6ft work table at the wall at the end of my bed and I have racks and tables stacked very full of supplies. I is a mess. I like that is at home, but the flip of that, I dislike it because it's at home. I get interrupted all the time and my overflow sneaks out over the dining room table and kitchen counters during the night when I'm not paying attention. So then, I spend the next half day putting it all back in it's place.

Regina said...

I have completely taken over our dining room for my painting & jewelry design. There is overflow storage in another room.
I'm right next to the living room and hubby when he's home. I have a view of my gardens and the birds from the window by my drafting table.
Wish I had more space to work on bigger pieces, but I'm not going to complain (much).

Ophelia said...

I am blogging about you right now and came over to your blog to get the link for your class... Let the sharing begin!!

Rebecca said...

I have a craft room. It is regularly a disaster area. Right now I have a stack of ten vintage aprons on my desk that need to be listed on Etsy and a basket of crap to list on Ebay. I keep saying I'm going to do it but I don't really enjoy Ebay per se.

Anyway, I have no closet in my room so everything is OUT and I hate it. I try to keep it neat, sort of, but it never stays that way. Son really I work on the sofa. (where there is also a pile of yarn at this time.) lol


windycindy said...

Hi, I adore your ACEO Cards!
My husband made a special room in our basement where I can enjoy solitude to have fun creating cards and other paper creations. It has lots of storage space, is colorful
and has a huge desk for work space!
Please enter me in your fabulous prize giveaway drawing.
Many thanks, Cindi