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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drive by Question

This will be a drive by post so you can see what I've been doing....first the above picture is my newest and biggest to date painting....30 x 40. Wowza. Can she do it???
My goal is to have 2 large paintings completed before Spring Fest which is April 25th. I have some time but you know how that is, a month is going to fly by before you know it. AND in between doing this, I have about a 100 other things to do, including working on some custom orders--oh and find time to fold laundry. We won't even talk about the dust bunnies. Of course, bunnies are in right now I hear, especially so close to Easter :)

I previewed this painting in a previous post but this is a much better, more clear shot. Yay for longer days and sunlight!

I did tell you I have no intentions of throwing my house series to the curb, just yet...right? I have plenty of places I've lived yet still waiting for their moment on the canvas--so stay tuned. This little gem (8x8) on 1 3/8 canvas is titled, "Richmond Road". I'm taking you back to 1998 when I moved to North Carolina from my temporary stop in Meadville, Pa. My life, my life of my husband at the time, and my oldest son's life changed forever. We planted our roots down south but it also was a time that uprooted our family. Jim and I broke up shortly after we moved....a little over a year later and it really seemed like a dark period even though it began with so much hope. We had a lot of changes in our lives right before this move--my job was chaotic, it was down right exhausting and it drove me to the ground along with the family. Who knows why things happen, but they do, and somehow we rise above those moments and move forward, one way or another. The good news is, we all are still friends, and we maintain our dysfunctional family (which has grown as we both moved, got involved with other people, made new friends). So yes, there will be sun and it'll will be all right...I promise.

Okay so not so drive by as I intended. I get to typing and even though most of the time I ramble, I love stopping by my blog and giving it some love. I hope to get better at blogging more often. Not to mention my need to catch up on all my favorite blogs..I'm sorely behind!

Ohhh hey---if you haven't seen my latest article, check out this little blurb. Very cool!

***Question of the post--I kinda know what color I want to do my large piece but would love to hear from you. Do you have a color you think I should try out?? What's your opinion?? Remember, I try to stick to 2-3 main colors and then use different values of those colors in my pieces for the most part.

Can't wait to hear your ideas!


glimmering prize said...

Come jodi! do something daring, crazy and out there. (just like me, cos i'm a red head!!)

and maybe some yellow -
i guess i'm loving the warm weather we have gotten!

The Blue Plum Shop said...

Stupendous as usual!

whyte said...

Purple.....definitely, purple.

Trisha said...

hmmm- go a little crazy: orange, fuchia and yellow. :)
It was great seeing you today- can't wait to see this painting when you are finished. Loved this shot of the lemon painting, can see the texture so much better.

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Yummmm--that huge canvas is such an inspiration! I haven't had the courage to work that large since I was forced to in my college classes... :) Maybe now I will! Have fun. Can't wait to see it.


PCarriker said...

Have fun with it girl! You're a dynamo that's for sure!! You inspire me to go and prep some canvases, all writing no painting makes Pam a sad girl-lol! Need to get painty for sure.

risa said...

I've notice that my own color palette has been changing in the past week...I'm drawn to orange and fuscia...I think I'm ready for spring! Very invigorating colors!

I have some big canvases in the works too...actually 16x20 is usualy my small size...but now I'm doing everything from 6x8 to 24x36. Sometimes the bigger ones don't seem to take any longer than the small ones. Sometimes.

createitcottage said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this. I love the bright colors just like you, but every so often I go pale to change things up. How a about some natural tones like antique white and brown shades with a little color thrown in like seafoam green or peach.

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

I'm looking forward to see what you do with this. Blank canvas is wonderful! It's so full of the promise of what it is to become. I have a couple in my studio now that still don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Okay, enough rambling.

Color scheme? While my first thought was purple. I like the aqua you've been using lately, but would like to see red combined with it. Red and aqua just really pop. That's my input for what it's worth.

Have fun!


Patti said...

I just did a post - a small collage that I did using blues:), which got me off of greens/golds. I like the purple idea and also turquoise and browns... I like them all? I, too, like the red idea - that's my next post - all things red.

Tess said...

I would love to see what you would do with a black and white with reds for the bright color pop. Another thought is all different shades of green mixed with shades of orange and a bit of pink for a shocking effect, for spring.
Oh and I think all families are a wee bit disfunctional, that's what makes having a family interesting. :)

ArtSnark said...

I'd love to see whatever you come up with - you have such a grand eye for color!!

julie king said...

i love your color combos so much! have you thought about doing a series in orange and pink? i can also see your art in a bright green and soft pink combo. can't wait to see what you do with the big canvas!

Lucy said...

I'm lovin' all of your suggestions! I'm thinking I'll use them all at some point--now to decide what to do next. One thing I want to accomplish with this piece and the second one I'm going to do is for it to REALLY be an eye catcher for my art show. I want to have people come down the street just to see what's going on over in my booth :)

Sometimes you just gotta ask the girls for advice, thanks ladies!

trish said...

I can't wait to see your large canvas, I'm sure it will be wonderful!!

Brillig! said...

How 'bout a spring green, titanium white and a nice medium tangerine?

Whatever combo you choose is sure to be a delight!

Rose said...

Well my first thought was shades of purple. There are so many great ideas thrown out here. Love your work!

Jeanne Rhea said...

I like the fuschia idea, some lime green and a little black and white. Can't wait to hear what you do!