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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Art Everyday Month November 9: ATC's

I am knee deep in just about every art supply I own. My arm muscles are about to fall out. Anyone have some Ben Gay?? LOL

My goal was to make 60 ATC for a make and take table the Carolina Mixed Media Guild is hosting at the Art of the Carolina's this coming weekend--so far I'm a little over half way there. I'm not sure I have the stamina to finish, but I"m going to try!
For these, I've experimented with watercolors, ink, mica powders, graphite pencil, and graphite wash. LONG LONG LONG ago, I used to paint in watercolors only. It's something that I may start back into--I forgot how fun they are. So unexpected, so unpredictible, yet simple and pure.



The gallery show I went to this weekend influenced these abstracts and are something I want to explore further.
Can you tell what one of my favorite color combos is lately???
graphite washes and watercolors

Florals were my first love in my creative endeavors.

oh my--you dont' even want to go there....I have a royal flippin mess on my hands. I have put my nose to the grind over the last couple of weeks to finish up 3 collections (still have one more to go) and these ATCs--it's just total chaos here. Since I've tried some new things for the ATC that I haven't used in awhile, it was cause for more ART supplies to come out from their slumber. yikes. I did manage to pick up the house a bit despite the chaos but I didn't get to purging my DS's room. That is a major must before the holidays!

Anyway--after this week, I should be good to go and things back to a more manageable pace. I am all about working hard and focusing but my candle is burning thin lately. Calgon take me away!

***Looks the photos are cropped funny-to see the whole collection, please check out my flickr page
Hope you all have a great week ahead!!



great ATC's Jodi !!! I love all that watercolor fun !!! Have a great time at the art show :)

Jeanne Rhea said...

Wow! Those are great! I went back and read all of your news since the CPS article. You amaze me with being able to post so much and to work at your day job and still get so much done! YOu deserve all the good stuff that is coming to you.

Glad to know your have big messes, too!
See you at AOC!

PCarriker said...

Awesome job Jodi! I just finished an order for 12 orinies and thought that was a lot, 60-yikes!

Trish said...

great ATC's!!!

ArtSnark said...

these are great! Love the abstract black & red ones the most

Nanette said...

They are fabulous!

I slowed down over the weekend. You might easily beat me if you go for 60. LOL!

starrynightimpressions said...

Jodi, you are an artsy whirlwind these days!!!! And beautiful creations is the results :)
I just reread your article in CPS and am going to put into practice some of your tips.

Anonymous said...

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