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Monday, November 10, 2008

Art Everday Month-Hometown Holidays, the completed collection

Hometown Holidays  6 x 12
Last night I continued on my ATC journey but haven't had time to take more
pictures of the next 10 or so cards I finished. What a project!! No doubt that
creating so many things in a short span of time was a real exercise in artistic
stamina! So for today, I just wanted to feature the rest of my Hometown Holidays
pieces. I really don't create a lot of things that are truly seasonal but these seemed to speak
Christmas or winter to me although they are something that you can feature all year long.
Hometown Holidays  6 x 6
Holidays--I hope to make mine a bit more simple this year. How about you?
It seems that things have just gotten so commercialized that we loose sight of what the true meaning behind the season.
Hometown Holidays  6 x6
I do love cooking and baking though for the season. Looking for recipes, coming up with menus for my little get togethers which are really little and I cook way too much just because I want to try so many new things.

Hometown Holidays  6 x 6
My boys like getting elbow deep in the cookie dough, driving around town and looking at the lights-it's the small moments that create the big memories, just being together is what it's all about. I just have to figure out where to go with my art supplies so we can have a holiday dinner at the same

Hope you have a creative day!


lulu said...

Wow, such a fun whimsical style! Thanks for sharing. Hugs

MizSmoochieLips said...

Hey! Guess what I was reading at Barnes and Nobles the other evening over a peppermint mocha? Umm yes! Your article!!!!! Congraturadicalations!

Tess said...

I like these and yes they do seem to have a Christmas season feel to them. Hey you posted about buy stroage bins. USe them to store those art supplies stacked under the table. A good fell sweep on say the 25th, a no art zone on the 26th, besides you'll be cooking anyway and then the table is cleared and ready for dinner on the 27th. There you go a plan for having dinner all at the same table.
Have a great holiday season.