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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Art Everday Month-November 8 Hometown Holidays by Sweet Repeats


I've finished all 7 pieces in my new mini collection, "Hometown Holidays", these two pieces are the smallest in the collection, a powerful 4 x6 size :)

As I was sitting here uploading the photos---I literally started to fall asleep at the computer. It's 5:44 pm...and I'm falling asleep typing. LOL Doesn't take much to wear me out apparently!
Is this what it's like turning 40? Yikes.

We did go to a craft/art show today and I found some really cute things from some of my local artists friends. Had I not had to grocery shop today--I would have done more damage with the pocketbook. I really want to do a show someday soon, but it does frighten me from the set up to the making enough product to the rejection that will surely happen at least a few times during the show--but then there's the thrill of meeting so many people and making new connections, the opportunity to sell a lot all at once and the chance to take on custom orders. I think I am going to shoot for next April and the Springfest downtown Southern Pines. It's a huge art's and crafts festival that's held annually. It will give me enough time to plan my product lines out, get creating for the show and design my layout.

Any of you that have done art shows have any words of advice? Where do you even find shows to do? I only really know of the ones that are around here....

Anywhoo--there's more creating to do tonight, movies to watch and some chilling on the agenda.
Hope you have a peaceful relaxing evening as well.


tammy vitale said...

Hi - came over from AEM...about shows: make sure they're established (not a first year), try to find out how many people they expect, talk to some folks who've done it and find out what sells and the price point for it. Display is everything - make sure you can put something together that pulls people in (this does not require expensive, it just requires imagination - which you obviously already have). Consider every person you meet a potential client or someone who can help you find more ways to sell. Ask lots of questions. Bring your best smile and warmest greetings - and mean them....then sit back and see what happens. It's ALWAYS an adventure! take it as that and you'll have a great time!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your artwork. It's not only beautiful, but uplifting and inspiring. This is the message I hope to send out with my artwork. I love to see people putting bringing out the beauty in this world through their creations. Congratulations on being published and good luck with your future show, though you don't need any luck. You're work speaks for itself! - Serena Pia

Leah said...

i don't have any advice about that kind of show, but i think you should definitely go for it!!

i really love the "believe" piece!!

John said...

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