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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Halloween ACEO and Other Random Thoughts

I know it's hard to believe, but I really do finish projects that I start. It may take me awhile (1 week for these, okay...who am I kidding. Probably more like two weeks. But hey...I have work during the day, and shopping, and watching tv, and using the computer, and well--there's lots going on here that just gets in the way of finishing things like artwork in progress, and laundry, and know how it goes.

But somehow it all does get done. Even the laundry. Even the mopping. Even the artwork. When I put my mind to something, I normally achieve what I set out to do. Sometimes it's in due time. Hopefully, it gets done before DUE time. I stress my self out waiting until the last minute to complete things though. I have gotten a little better over the years. Pulling all nighters and burning the midnight oil, well, let's face it. I'm not getting any younger. I can't be doing that any more. LOL I can't tell you how many times I lie in bed working on something for work, whether it be pulling a meeting together or catching up on reading emails or corporate info.
If company comes over (which they rarely do anymore HINT HINT MOM) I will stay up to 3 in the morning spit shining the palace. That's just how I roll. I make lists. I like to see things crossed off the list. But then I loose the list so I start a new one.

I like to plan things out to ensure everything gets done. I always start out with a plan, sticking to that plan, well...we won't go there today. Let's just say, I stay flexible. I roll with the punches. I've learned long ago, things don't always go as planned. Why loose sleep over things you can't change or can't control. You can only control yourself. Kinda. It's nice to think that Sometimes I start off the day and say, I will not do this or that today...and then my hand is right back into that cookie jar. Slap slap. Control yourself?? Hmm. that's a work in progress.
What does this all have to do with anything?
Well, I'm just rambling on about my desire to do something larger one day than what I'm doing today, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue on as I do today. I wonder sometimes how do I get it all done? It's just me at the house with lil man. I'm not complaining, just sayin.

It's mostly determination. But sometimes I do wear myself out doing what I do. Many nights, I only get 4 or 5 hours sleep because I'm so jazzed up on coffee that I drink all day and into the night just so I can pack it all in.
One thing that has helped me in at least doing my artwork--create several in a similar vein at one time. It makes me feel once it's all done, I've got a lot to show for the time I've spent working on it all. I still burn the midnight oil getting everything done, but at least this....I enjoy doing :) I wish I could say the same about other things in my life. Like laundry. Or mopping. LOL

To see the rest of my ACEO's recently created--me sure to check out my flickr page!


julie king said...

very nice work!! it's good to be busy as long as you also take care of YOU!!

Carrie said...

If they made a magic fun pill for mopping, I'd be the first in line to purchase it! Okay, you are doing HALLOWEEN art already?!? lol... you are waaaay ahead of the game my friend... I vote that you are in good shape as far as getting projects done vs. procrastinating ;)