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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Artistic Pursuits on a Hannah Rainy Day

I'm still learning to mess with Photo Shop or attempting to mess with it. I think I need to get a new computer because to use this program or rather to open this program and use it even with everything else closed on my computer is like waiting for the Red Sea to part. This is a photo Josh and I took of ourselves the other day. Awwww. My baby boy is getting so big. It's hard to believe he is already 8 years old. It's hard to believe I'm going to be 40 this year. Yikes. Where does the time go??
I thought I's show you a few of the many works in progress I have going. This layer incorporates some stenciling and adding of stamped images on dress patterns which are then cut and glued on to the canvas. I read about this technique in Stampers Sampler which featured an article about a dear online friend of mine, Pam Carriker. It works like a charm and I absolutely love how it adds a new dimension to your piece without adding a lot of bulk. It looks like it floats over the previous layers!
I'm working on 2 sets of 3 6 x6 villages, one in pink and one in what is becoming my signature color, blue. Also you see a variety of ATC/ACEO's that I have going. They are actually just about done now since I took this picture. I am trying my best to finish up a bunch of projects this weekend so I can send out a few packages and swaps that I have going on.
I think i mentioned my new ladder I bought to corral some of my art suppies, didn't I? Well, here it is. Now, if I can keep the supplies on it and not let them magically migrate to my art table again would be a small miracle. Don't you love the tags my swap partner, Katie made? They are soooo adorable, I wish I could make tags as beautiful as she can.

Last night I went to the First Friday event at Artist Alley in Southern Pines, NC which was featuring a new piece along with the other many lovely works of my friend Amy at it was a great time. I love being around such creative individuals, they are all very articulate and extremely supportive of each other's endeavors. Amy has a new piece which mixes realism with her signature abstract whimsical style and it's incredible. It makes me think of how we can stretch our limits by trying new techniques and combining surprising but pleasing to the eye elements of artistic style. She created a huge piece that depicted the train station in our downtown area and added whimsical elements and funky colors. I wish I had taken a picture of it because words just do not do it justice in explaining how it looks. After the FF event was over, 4 of us went to a nearby restaurant to reflect on the night and our new endeavor together. We have started a new group in the area called the Indpendent Professional Artistan Guild which is a small intimate group of artists who have banned together to work on the marketing and business side of our creative pursuits. I'm really excited about the formation of this group as it's something that if we put our all into, it could really catapult our artistic careers by giving us a foundation to really formulate a creative focus and direction for our pursuits. More to come on this group....

I leave you with a few pics this morning of my yard which is soaked with waters from Hannah. Luckily no damage to speak of but it definitely flooded my yard.
Damn. I'm not going to be able to mow the lawn today!

Hope everyone stays safe on this rainy Saturday morning.

Let your creativity pour out today!


Kathy said...

Hey girl,
1st, that pic of you and your baby is so sweet. He looks like a very loving boy!
And your new pieces look great, I think I need to learn to do that...make some backgrounds and not rush to finish a piece once I start. Good trick about the patterns!
I love your ladder idea. I have go to find some new ideas for staorage, I counldn't find enough room for a ladder though. So nice and goodness.
I can relate to you yard...ours looks like that a lot, we get so much rain here. I am so happy that is all Hannah left for you. Enjoy your art day today, I am doing the same. One quick trip to Barnes & Noble just re-opening today and Michaels as well.
Great weekend to you Jodi.

Sarah and Jack said...

That's what our yard looked like this week too, after Gustav rolled through up here. (I am sure the nasty mosquitos think they are in heaven.)

Regina said...

That's a sweet photo of you & your son. As for PS Elements - it does use a lot of memory to run it. If you can free up space on your computer, it should run a little better. We have an external hard drive where we store tons of picture files & back-ups. It really helps.
You might just need to add memory to your computer instead of getting a new one.
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with your new pieces.
As for tropical waters - we were getting the remants of Gustav here in Iowa yesterday!! Thankfully, there wasn't much left, but I did get a brief respite from working on painting the house.... and the lawn had to wait another day for hubby. Have a great weekend.

PCarriker said...

Hey Lucy! Thanks for the shout out:-) I love how you get such great detail of the stamped image and then can combine it with paint. What a little sweetie boy! My youngest is 7 and the other two, well I just got my middle ones Senior pictures back, yikes! Don't let 40 scare you~it's the new 20 right?

Patti said...

wow, you've been busy - the art group is a great idea, cooperative efforts always serve on so many levels, professional, personal support, new avenues for growth... please keep posting!
I wouldn't mind saying I was 40 if I looked like you -judging by your photo, 40 really is the new 20!