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Monday, September 08, 2008

Eraser Stamps and More!

Don't miss out on this great deal--a Huge eraser for49 cents on clearance at Walgreens!What exactly would you do with an eraser of this proportion?

Well make eraser stamps of course! I REALLY like the little white ones for rubber stamps as well. They cut soooo smoothely!

The eraser on the right, I cut with wood carving tools and although it worked, it definitely wasn't easy or smooth. The eraser on the left was cut using a Speedball cutter which is made to cut on softer surfaces. This stamp cut much better. I made it into grass blades which I used on my big painting recently completed, Chadwick Bay.

If you don't know what a Speedball cutter is, this is it. I bought mine on EBAY for a few dollars.
Cool, huh? I haven't got really intricate with my stamps, I just messed around with the carving techniques as this was the first time I have tried to make my own stamps.

A sketch I'm working on....the lady was inspired by a vintage picture I saw in a magazine. I think this would make a cool painting, but the ladies face is too long. The drawing is rough...very rough...but fun to do :) I think I'll call the painting, "It's Never Too Late to Dream".

Here's a peek on my new villages that I've been featuring. They are about done, just some detailing and final coats of varnish. They remind me of my venture to college back in 1987. I traveled to White Plains, NY from a little town West of Buffalo for my first two years of school. Country girl meets city. I felt so small and so alone at first. I remember wanting so badly to get as far from home as I could when I was looking for schools to go to, not because I was unhappy at home, it's just that I wanted my independence so badly, I felt I had to go as far away as I could in order to get it. Little did I know at the time that Independence is a state of mind, it's not a location.

Hope you have found your independence, believe me, you can do it no matter what the odds are!


Paulette Insall said...

Ooo Lucy those new village paintings are looking fabulous! And I love the new sketch! Her face is lovely just like it is!!! Modigliani did long faces too and he's one of my very favorite artists.

Love the carved stamps....another thing I wanna try, but who has the time! LOL!


Patti said...

I cracked up when I saw that giant eraser until I realized that - duh, of course - eraser stamps! I don't have that talent but maybe I'll follow your instructions and see what happens.
Have a great day,

p.s. still loving the village paintings!