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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So Many Places to Visit, So Little Time

Word art Created here--very cool :) I came across this site while visiting Christie's blog, look at all the things she has created with the word tool!

Who doesn't love written invitations, heck any invitation would be nice these days but when the hustle and bustle of your day just has gotten overwhelming and there's no time to organize and write out many invitations--try this site. I was invited to a party this weekend and the invitation came via this site and the cool part was I could rsvp on line, you could see who else was invited, who was coming and who had yet to respond. WOW. Helps with the hostess nightmare of trying to track down everyone to get a simple yes or no. Shame on you if you can't reply to an I know your life ain't that dang busy! Well maybe it is, but still :)

This artist and funny and down to earth writer is on her 95 canvas this year!! WOWZA. I'm amazed. makes my 52 in 26 project seem like peanuts. She has a great writing style. I happened upon her through a friend of a friend of a friend. You know how that goes :)

Speaking of my 52 in 26 project, I am 4 pieces behind but I'm about to bust out a bazillion pieces. Yep, a bazillion. They are going swimmingly but I had to take a break tonight and shine up the palace. The maid quit again. HMPH. She's always leaving me and guess who has to pick up the pieces. But seriously, I am hard at work creating up a storm. I am going to have my work featured in another store come October through the end of the year. After that--we will see how it goes. My work has not sold much in the first shop--I received my first check and I'm embarrassed to say how much it was..LOL. Strange, because my Etsy shop has been doing very well, so who knows. I'm gearing up for some 'public' appearances as well--I can not wait till that happens and I can share the pieces with you and the feature :)

I'll leave you with my cropped photo-one of my favorites of my big piece that's now completed. I'm must be a beckon for punishment because I bought 3 more HUGE HUGE canvases this weekend. Where I am I even going to feature them? I guess I"m an artist who subscribes to the notion:
Publish Post

Make it, and they will come. :)

One can only hope.



e.beck.artist said...

hey! thanks for linking to me ... and i'm actually done with 100 canvases now ... finished five smalls yesterday ..... e

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Wow...3 more giant canvases? Good for you...I can't wait to see what you do with them!