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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Two More Days To Enter!!!

I've started to list a few of the prints I just received this week and wanted to share with you some of the features. I still have several more to go yet but may not get them listed until next week because.....

I got some good news that my Sister Sherry and her boys will be dropping by for a visit this weekend on their way home to Florida from their summer stay up in New York!! I'll be honest, I am panicky about getting my nest in order. I just got done mowing 1/2 my lawn, doing laundry, ran the dishwasher, swept the floors, cleared off 1 of my craft tables so we have at least one table to eat at, took the garbage to the dump, cleaned the kitchen.....and there's still more to do.

Now, don't go thinking I'm a slob or just well, don't do the white glove every week so when guests come I feel the need to go over board and make sure the palace is in spit shine condition. Not to mention the fact that since I've taken on my part time job as an artist, I have more craft supplies then one can probably use in a lifetime at this point (that's not to say I couldn't take on and not enough storage to put everything up properly and beautifully (like I see some of your studios when you feature them...I know 'you' are out there)!

It'll be nice to have a visit with the fam though, it's something that happens not enough with all of my family. Tis the price we pay for chasing after our dreams, it has put a very real physical distance between us. I happen to live in the middle of everyone so at least I get the benefit of 1/2 way drive thrus when the fam travels from NY to Florida or Florida to NY. My house in NC is pretty much the halfway point, funny how that worked out isn't it?
Don't forget, the last day to get your name in the drawing for one of my new prints (could be one of these or one of the 3 or 4 more I have yet to list) plus goody box I have started to compile (you don't want to miss out now, do you???))!!

Simply make a comment on one of my posts from August 1st on and you'll be automatically entered my very scientific drawing (cut up names and draw out of a hat)! LOL

Thank you for all your support, kind words and encouragement! My blog readers are the best!!



Mrs.Kwitty said...

How fun!! I hope you have a lovely visit with the sis! I am loving the artwork--especially that darling bird coming out of the egg! Great stuff :o)
Smiles, Karen

Denise said...

Oh, enjoy your visit and let the back 1/2 of the lawn go....


have a great time with the family....and the prints look FAB !!!

Jen Mullin said...

Your prints turned out great. I'm off to check out iprintfromhome!!

Paula said...

o-o-o-o, put my name in please!! Congrats on your year on etsy. It never dawned on me to have a giveaway for that. I like it!
Hope you have a wonderful visit with your sis. I'm heading out to see mine next week...yeah!

Blaiz said...

Great work!

I had to giggle at your comment about having one table to eat at -- all my tables are covered with art supplies/work, too!

Regina said...

I love your new prints!
Hope your fam time is FaB!

Patti said...

Your new work is fabulous! My friends who just left after a (6 day!!) visit, said they came to see me, not my Martha Stewart living conditions (good thing:). So, a little neater but she is family!
I'd move back to my dining room if it meant turning out work like yours!!! I've already put my name in once... all that's legal, right?? lol.

Jayme said...

I just found your blog and I love your prints! The colors just pull you in. I hope you have lots of success in your artistic career.

Kathy said...

Girl, your killing me. I just dropped over to the one is there. Quiet as a mouse...I figured your still cleaning or sleeping, lol. Enjoy the time with your sis!!! The prints look so good.

Shara said...

You're artwork has come so far - it is beautiful! Enjoy your family. That's what life is all about!