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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swank in Southern Pines, North Carolina

First and foremost, I want to announce my winner of my 1 year Etsy shop anniversary drawing:
Leah, from Creative Everyday is my 1st place winner....yes, first place winner....because I had so manywonderful and inspiring comments, I decided to draw again for a second name and that winner is:
Patti, from Altered Attic. Please send my your mail addy to johl3 at windstream dot net, and I'll get your prints out to you later this week. :)
Thank you everyone again for taking the time out to enter my drawing and for leaving such sweet comments!

Here's a little tour of the shop where I have several of my pieces featured. It's a delightful coffee shop and handmade market which features the artwork and fine crafts of several local residents who have the 'Etsy' look and live in the Moore County area of North Carolina, called Swank. I brought the WHOLE crew down there to check out my wares. Five boys who like coffee drinks and smoothies. They actually were very impressed to see their Aunt's art hanging on the walls.
How cool is this? I get a 'Hot New Item tag' :)

My "Things Are Looking Up" series, up high on the front wall :)

City Life

My Home

Don't you wish you had funky handwriting like this?

House on the Hill

One of my collages from last fall....In The Shadow

Sweet HeART in Pink

Thanks Ladies of Swank for allowing me to take pictures and for making it easy to do business with. I appreciate the partnership :) If you are ever in Southern Pines, NC--you must stop by the shop off of Pennsyvania Avenue in the Belvedere Plaze and visit Swank and meander around all the other lovely shops that dot Broad Street and surrounding streets, you won't be disappointed!


Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Your work looks amazing hanging on the walls at Swank! What an amazing little coffee shop. Congrats on the partnership and hope it leads to lots of exposures and sales!


what a treat to see where your work is featured !! It looks great...and looks like the perfect place for your art. Best of luck there !! Raising my coffee cup in a toast !!!!

Leah said...

yay!! thanks so much, lucy! what a sweet treat to win. :-)

Heidi said...

Sorry I missed your give-away. I have been out of town doing some fun, end-of-summer stuff. How cool to have your art hanging in a public place. Congrats!

vivian said...

oh how gorgeous does your stuff look on those walls! wish i could drop in for a cuppa ;)

Patti said...

How gratifying to win - a piece of art I'd be willing to pay for, but when given freely is worth more than money could ever buy.

Pam Dover said...

That is so great!!! Your work looks Fabulous!

laura said...

Congratulations! You are arriving every minute! Your work looks right at home on the walls and I am so happy for you.

Carrie said...

Your paintings are gorgeous! Now that I'm living in Cary, I should make the drive down :) (Is it down? I still have no idea where I am currently living! hehe)