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Monday, July 21, 2008

Stepping out of the Zone

Is it Monday already?

Having a few days off really spoils oneself, doesn't it? I had Wednesday through Sunday off and got a whole bunch, a WHOLE BUNCH of artwork done, 7 pieces altogether would you believe?!
I also was whittling away at my article during my days off. I figured I would take the creative approach to keeping notes about my process and put them in the big BIG HUGE journal I have that I received during our Paris Swap. I totally made note keeping fun. If I only could have brought my markers and stamps to college, life would have been so much easier! I wish I had beautiful handwriting, I have a tendency to scrunch up my words together, sometimes barely even waiting to finish one word before moving on to the next.

During this time off, I day dreamed about what it would be like to throw the corporate world away and turn to my hands as well as my mind to make my living.
What was my conclusion?
I need a sugar Daddy. LOL
No seriously, I'm a modern woman here. I can take care of myself--but not yet by myself. I still need my day job, but I do believe I could make a decent living if I could focus the majority of my day on my artistic life. I might be a skinnier gal and have to take a few less trips to Starbucks--but hey, I'm about to have to make that choice anyway with the rising prices so what the heck. Well, what the heck is Insurance money. That's pretty much the only reason why I won't quit my day job truth be told.
Well until that day comes along, I'm satisfied to create on the side and have fun in my own little world. I'm hoping soon it's going to branch off into bigger things--time will tell!

In my last post, we ( meaning me) started a discussion about what you are doing to save money these days. Be sure to check back in the comments and read what others are doing--and please share yours if you missed the post!
Several of you mentioned using what you have, ENJOYING what you have whether it be the food you already do have or utilizing the (art) supplies you own before going out to the store to by more. That's a great tip. The picture above denotes pieces of scrap I use over and over again in my pieces to create texture and use as stencils. Nothing fancy and probably mostly things you have in your stash. I've been doing good at saving things that I think will work in my art. Almost too good. I've got a growing stash of 'texture' tools as well as papers that I can pull from at a moments notice. That's saving and recycling, right?
Although, I must admit, I did visit an Etsy shop recently of a new friend called Remember Yesterday and bought some cool vintage goodies to use in my collages. I received them today and the shop owner through in some goodies from her art store--Kathy's collages and assembleages are wonderfully crafted. You must visit!! Very reasonable I might mention (as we are trying to save $$)

See here--I'm working on my 'secret projects'(which are completed now), utilizing one of my used up gift cards! I've used the credit cards and gift cards before to spread on paint on my collages, but only recently started working with modeling paste and found that the cards are perfect for laying on this medium as well. Who needs an expensive palette knife??

I need to do a few touch up on these pieces before I list them, but they are pretty much completed. I had a coffee shop in town in mind when I made these, I even used their cups they use for inspiration. I doodled and journaled on the background using a brown charcoal pencil. That's the first time I used a brown charcoal pencil.

I love the distressed look it generates as I worked the yellows, creams, and oranges in to create the warm and funky background.

Makes me want to grab a cuppa Joe...something I drink entirely too much of. I do get a lot done every day thanks to my pal Joe.
In other good news, I prospected two more shops that I potentially can put my art in. One is going to be perfect for a couple of bigger pieces. The other, my friend Amy put in a good word for me to one of her friends that owns a shop and I am going to chat with her about potentially being a featured artist for August. It's all very exciting. I'm glad I've started to network and get to know other people and artists in my area. It's taking a big step for me because outside of work, I'm pretty much a loner....making friends and getting out in the world pretty much doesn't happen for me so it's definitely outside of my comfort zone. I'm fine once I get to know people, but generally I'm not the social butterfly that gets involved in a lot of things. Amy is helping me along with ideas on how to feature myself in galleries or shops, and I'm doing my best to encourage her to send her work off for publication, too.
I'm hoping this last 5 months of the year brings many good things to those of us who step outside of our comfort zone and just try...just try something new and brave and scary all at the same time. You never know where that road may lead. It leads no where if you don't at least attempt the journey. That's one thing for sure.

Until next time, be good--and be thinking of new ways to enjoy what we have and or save a little bread for Sunday dinner. :)


jennifer said...

I think I saw some of your artwork in Swank. Nice! I LOVE that place.

Patti said...

I'm glad you have an "Amy." We all need those angels in our lives, who believe in us when we can't find the sales pitch, who remind us how important it is put ourselves out there, submit, try a new medium, make a new contact, or do whatever it takes to crack the walls of the comfort zone and grow beyond our limits. From what I've read you've taken several 'leaps' lately. You go girl!

Regina said...

Your new pieces are really fun.
I'm finding out how valuable networking with fellow artists is. You never know when a new opportunity will pop up. I'll be taking some pieces to display at a chiropractor's office later this week. It was so fun meeting the office manager who is very excited about bringing new art into their office. That kind of enthusiasm can fuel all kind of inspiration. Best to you on your new prospects.

Teresa said...

I love how sincere this discussion was. I had a cuppa joe with you while reading it. I am so happy to hear you are reaching outside your comfort zone, both in your art and in your life. This is good, very good. We all need to do this more often. My stepping out of my comfort zone was to make a piece and submit an article to AC about how I created it. I'll let you know if it is accepted and published. I've also started a blog here:
I have no idea where I will go with it but it's a start.
I love your artwork, it is inspirational and lively. I like that. Enjoy your week,

Paula said...

Sounds like you're well on your way with the article coming up and your work being displayed in various places. It's wonderful that you have Amy. We all need people to help us in those places where we feel that we fall short, and sounds like you're helping her out as well. Perfect!
I recently had a lady who owns a baby clothing shop downtown ask me to bring her some of my knitted baby hats. Very exciting! Now I just need to get some made!!

Patti said...

went back and looked up your alcohol ink tutorial - also the part about the gloves - ha! That was just before I'd discovered your very cool blog.
I think you should follow up on some of your ideas with Tim Holtz for sure! (has he been on your blog and seen your photo?!:)

PCarriker said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Lucy! I'll be leaving a similar one here real soon:-) Can't wait to see your article! Woo-hoo for us, putting ourselves out there! My hubby doesn't have any unmarried brother's but he might be able to find a single pilot for ya-hehe
hugs, you go girl!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

lucy, your new coffee piece is great...does it contain a subliminal message because I’m suddenly getting a craving for a latte. Congratulations on putting yourself out there and getting published, something that I’ve been afraid to do. You have a tremendous talent and deserve all the success headed your way…you’ve definitely worked for it!

~Alisa said...

Know anyone who works for Hobby Lobby's acquisitions department? Those coffee mug pieces would be a perfect addition to their wall art department.