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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Treasury Galore :)

Don't you just love Etsy Treasuries? Even better when you find one that you are featured in!! Now that I figured out how to do screen shots, I'm good to go and can savor them a bit longer then the few hours/days they are up.

To see the full size treasury--click here.

The piece that is featured is one of my recent favs--click here to see the full size piece.
The curator, Alisa--has a great store herself, full of sweet collages and mixed media soldered pendants (I would love to learn to solder----I've had a soldering gun since my birthday last year but I'm too scared to pull it out and give it a shot!!))
Good news--I finished my article with a little help with some friends who have done this sort of thing before and I sent it off last night. Phew--now I have to send my pieces and pray they make it on time. I'm kinda down to the wire but I think I did a good job considering I had to recreated 6 pieces (only sending 3 of them but I made a few for back ups just in case) as well as for the the fact I've never written an article before..LOL. Should be interesting to hear their feedback! Hopefully they still like it and the deal doesn't fall through. I'd have shame face if that happened!!!

On the money saving front, I've taken Selena's suggestion and stayed out of the grocery store this week. I was tempted as there isn't anything quick to eat here and DS is staying in Myrtle Beach so I really hate making food for myself and having it go to waste so I normally opted for a restaurant take out of a quick frozen dinner. Instead I made a steak I had in the freezer and then made stir fry veggies and mixed it altogether after the steak was cooked and it was delicious. I wish I had rice to go with it but all I had was broccoli and cheese rice and that just didn't seem Oh well, saved on the carbs anyway. It really is a good idea to do meal planning and less grocery shopping. I know that I have very little restraint when walking into a store. I'm perfectly fine when I stay the heck away but the minute I go inside, that one item turns into twenty! 10 dollars turns into 60 dollars that I end up spending. Just say no...just say no.. Okay. Until this weekend, then I really need to go to the store, I can only last so long :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!
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Heidi said...

How cool for you!! :D PS--I've had a soldering iron since Christmas and I'm afraid to use it! I really want to make something for my mom's birthday August 8th, so I better hustle up!

Oh--and you reminded me I have steaks in the freezer! Those are going on the menu this week! LOL

Christy said...

Congrats on the Treasury! I hope it sends some business your way.

I almost always have eggs and pancake fixins in the house. When other ingredients are meager, I make breakfast for dinner! :)

Heidi said...

We've been trying to "eat what we have" to save on the grocery bill too. (Kind of like "use what you have" with your stash!)

congrats on making the treasury. How do you do screen shots, btw?