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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sale at the Sweet Repeats Studio Shoppe!

just playin with photo shop again :)

I'm officially on vacation for a few days and spent the whole entire day playing with my paint and glue. It felt good to immerse myself in my project with the only thing looming over my head was my lawn that sorely needs mowing and packing that needs to be attended to. I could get used to this.....hmmmm...though I don't know if I could handle the stress of having to make up the salary that I have no with no guarantee of a sale each week let alone each It's something that is worth thinking about down the road anyway..when I'm collecting social security ;)
I slept in today which is unusual for me. My body must be telling me that I need to rest but my head is telling me other wise. So many things I want to do. So many things I need to do. Work has been really wearing me thin, worrying about the economy has me stressed, thinking about the rising prices of everything has got me in almost a panic attack--and the thought of us all being held hostage by this economic crisis has got me mad as all get out. I don't want to think about all that but I do, and I'm sure most everyone out there isn't much different.

Working on my artwork helps me escape but I know I can't escape forever so I want to look for ways to save, to cut back, to do things differently and share the ideas here so that it may help others as much as it will help myself. Sarah has started a Frugal Friday post and I definitely want to join in as soon as I find frugal worthy ideas to share. I think a weekly post of how we are saving our pennies is a great idea!

It's apparent that we all need to start taking action before the going gets really rough. There is strength in numbers so please feel free to join in and share your thoughts, your tips and advice on how you are handling these hurricane of changes that are happening within our country and the world

What are you doing differently?


To kick off the belt tightening posts I'll offer a sale in my Etsy shop, so if you must buy and I hope you'm offering a sale to help you out! I mentioned earlier in the post that I spent the whole day working on an art project, I actually finished my submission pieces for this magazine. I can not wait to see the pieces in print!! I'll let them dry over the weekend and then finish my article and hopefully send my babies off by Wednesday. That's my goal anyway. After that, I'm going to get busy and make a TON of new artwork in preparation for Christmas. I'm hoping there are still a few people out there with disposable income and ready and willing to buy original art for the holidays :) If not, at least I'll have something to do as I'm chained to this house because I can't afford to drive the car anywhere..LOL

I hope everyone has a great week and looking forward to any and every tip you have to share about your ways to cut back and save. I'm off to visit some friends for the weekend (frugal, well maybe not, but staying with friends so at least we are saving money there :)


greenbeanbaby said...

ohhhhh such goodness!!! bestest wishes!! i think one of these months we should gather a select group of gals and have a sale all the same day to promote each other... not sure how that would work...

i REALLY love your birdies! they are just a hoot!! and your moldy peaches song has me laughing for some reason... i miss music

Apron Thrift Girl said...

One of the best pieces of advice I give people on grocery shopping is only shopping once a week. A friend of mine shops nearly every day and spends heaps of money on those items that call to her. Once I started shopping only once a week and I did menu planning, my food budget was much more in line with what I wanted it to be. I shop with my stomach most of the time which gets me into big trouble.

Rebecca said...

Hey there, hope you are enjoying your time off. I haven't been to read in so long that I missed that he-who-must-not-be-named came scratching at your door ago. GRRR. email me.


Christy said...

You have some lovely pieces in your shop.

To save money, I've really worked on menu planning using what's on sale at the grocery store. I've also changed to using more store brands. They're cheaper and usually work just as well as national brands.

jodi said...

My husband and oldest son are riding their bikes to work. About 6 miles one way. If my work offered shower facilities I would think seriously about it also.

Cutting down on the number of trips into town. Enjoying/using what I have.

Sending children to college :-). I expect my bills to go down considerably come September. I was amazed on how much our home costs went down when one son went to school. With two gone our grocery bill should be really quite low. It's cheaper to have the school feed them!!

Jeanne Rhea said...

My tip---Concentrate on making the artwork that you already have supplies the ones you were thinking that you will do it 'someday". That someday is here and how nice it is to use supplies that I did not have to go out and spend money to make something to sell. Although it is not all profit, since I've had the supplies so long, it feels like all profit.

To be able to do this, one must know what one has in stock. Organize all your supplies. It is amazing how much we buy that we already have. I am trying hard to keep things organized so that with short notice, I can find what I have or know that I need to purchase something. No need to return to the store to return an item that I already had.

My biggest tip---check your receipts before leaving the store. Last week I went to "Major brand name craft store". I purchased eight items. When I gave the clerk two items, I instantly saw them ring up four times the amount of the posted price. I was told they were in the wrong spot. I insisted on going back and having all 20 of the items put where they belonged. How can 20 items be on the wrong spot? Maybe one or two---but 20? They ended up selling them at the posted cheaper price although they insisted that they were just in the wrong place. I decided to check my ticket again after I checked out. The plate hanger I bought had rung up $2.29 instead of the $1.99 posted. The four paints all rang up wrong. Two bead packets rang up wrong. I instantly asked to speak to the manager. I explained that I would have not been a happy camper if I had gotten all the way home and I had to turn around and come back. There would be no way to prove the price on the shelf was incorrect if I did not go back and show them right then. I figured it up and if I had paid the price charged on all the items, my purchase would have costs me $8.27 extra! So check the receipts!

Teresa said...

I so do agree with Jeanne Rhea's comment here. Do check your reciept, I have had this same problem several times at a local grocery store.
I have recently gone into more of an artsier (is that a word?) craft mode and I have found I already have several things on hand to keep me busy. My biggest cost saving find is to walk to the library and check the free magazines rack. I take extra's I have with me to trade for others I feel I may want. I am cuttting up magazines lately and I find this is much cheaper than buying them just to cut them up.
Now I'm off to check out your etsy shop.