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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Learning to Love--Inspirational Artists

Before we begin our regularly schedule programming, I'd like to credit some of the artists I've been fans of for their inspiration in some of ladies I've been creating as well as collage techniques. You must check out their work--lots of inspiration and such great work. First off, if your a reader of Cloth, Paper, Scissors--you will recognize Kelly Rae Roberts as a great inspirational mixed media artist who portrays her growth as a woman and an artist through her lovely lady affirmation paintings. I've learned alot about painting whimsical characters and layering backgrounds. She has a mixed media book coming out in the late summer, early fall of this year--and I simply can't wait for it!!
Another fav artist of mine is Paulette Insall--she has an obsessive compulsive perfection when she paints her girls--sooooo wonderful, full of detail, and just inspirational. Her how-to videos are great as well. She takes you pretty much from start to finish on several of her mixed media paintings. After watching them, you really have an appreciation for how many layers of love are incorporated into each piece. And the detail--the detail--of her girls is simply amazing!!
Thank you ladies for all the inspiration you provide so many of us aspiring artists!
Peeks at my finished piece-- "Learning To Love"
About a girl, who is stepping out from her comfort zone, into a beautiful, wonderful garden full of adventure and surprises wherever she turns. She holds tightly to her pocketbook, as if it's security blanket....she's not quite free to wander in the garden footloose and fancy free just yet---but she is by day, to love herself and others with cautious abandon.

12 x 12 Acrylic Mixed Media on gallery wrapped canvas.
This will be on sale in my Etsy shop==SOON!!
A few days ago--my friend and local artist Nanette tagged me for 7 random things. I share so much on here (probably more than you really want to know), I'm hard pressed to find different things about myself you don't already know but I will give it the old college try!

1) I used to be a self help book addict. I mostly bought self help books around management styles, how to be a better manager, how to be a better boss--how to improve customer service, how to motivate employees, how the best ceo's do their THANG, you name it, I've probably read it!! I also have books on how to be a more creative writer, how to be a song writer (((what where did that come from...LOL....don't ask))), how to write poetry better, how to spark your creativity, how to write fiction, how to write non-fiction, how to build characters---LOL---I've read it all!! I have books on how to grow my wealth, how to watercolor paint, how to buy a home, how to do yoga, how to draw faces, how to draw people, how to be effective, oh my goodness---I think I am still and addict!! I just bought "The Secret" this weekend. By George, guess what?? One of the things I thought about today long and hard came to fruition!!! Perhaps thoughts do become things!! I know y'all think I'm crazy now!
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2) Even though I was an English major in college, I received much better grades in courses that were totally foreign to me. Economics is a good example of that. I started out taking, I forget, either Micro or Macro--and was totally lost. I started to go for tutoring from my professor here and there and then it finally clicked. He mentioned to me that one of his best students was a English major who had a wildly creative side in his heart, but had an analytical mind and with that he went on to making 80,000 right out of college working for a big company in their finance department. Well, I didn't quite luck out like that. But I did go on to take both beginning classes, International Trade and Finance, Socio-Economics, and Comparative Economics--and received A's in all of the classes, because they were challenging to me and my creative heart. :)

3) I'm not a naturally social person--in fact, I'm kinda awkward if you will in social situations. Especially with strangers, I just never know what to say. I guess that's why I've always loved to write. I can have a conversation, know what to say--and have people actually listen. I wish I could make a friend everywhere I go--but that's just not me. That's just not how I roll ;)

4) Even though I work at a bank--I don't balance my check book. LOL I use my online banking to track my balances and purchases. If there's not any duplicate charges, merchant overcharges--then it's all good. Of course, I do have overdraft protection linked up to my account, just in case!!! If you haven't tried online banking or billpay--I encourage you to do so!! It has been freeing experience for me!! I've even saved money on late fees because of my aversion (tendency to procrastinate) to paying bills by hand, getting stamps, and going to the post office. With a click--it's all taken care of for you!

5) I believe in ghosts, in spirits walking among us, guiding us and in some cases swaying us one way or another (both good and bad). I used to live in a home that had not only been a speak easy during prohibition, but also a former funeral home--and really truly believe it held many spirits that were lost. A lot of weird stuff happened at that house! Although I wouldn't say I am psychic in anyway--I believe I was close to a lot of things that happened or that were happening during the time that we lived there, probably more so than any other time in my life--kinda like the Ghost Whisperer!!

6) My earliest childhood memory is going to the grocery store with my Mom, I was probably about 2 or 3 and standing by the lobster tank. I remember although it's cloudy, a couple of the same people coming up to us that seemed to dote on me during our shopping trips. I later found out that they were family members--although one's I'd never really know. Several years later I found out I was adopted by the man I now call my father--and it was my biological father's family that would be at the grocery store when my Mom did her shopping "by chance" just so they could see me. I found out I was adopted by a cousin on my (adopted) Dad's side of the family who was being ugly one day to me ( I was probably about 8 or 9) and told me that I "wasn't wanted around here and wasn't even part of this family because I was adopted!!!" At the time, I balled my eyes out--not knowing the truth---and when I returned home from from that visit with the cousin--my Mom told me the truth about my father. It really was a defining moment for me in my life for many, many reasons.

7) I'm still searching for my purpose in life. Perhaps it isn't meant to ever be clear. But then , you always hear of those who have an 'aha' moment and know, just know---this is it. This is what they were put on this earth to do. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for that one big thing, maybe it wasn't meant to be like that for me. I had thought as a child and young adult, I was meant to be a writer. I don't think that anymore, especially since I can't spell for sh*t and rarely follow grammar rules---but still--there is a voice inside of me with some sort of message. Maybe the message is only meant for me, and I am starting to hear it come out with my artwork. It's always bothered me though that I haven't left something on this earth that will be lasting after I'm gone....although, one could say that perhaps it's the children that were born that were meant for bigger and better things, and I was just the vehicle to get them here--and that was my purpose??


Vallen said...

EVery time I get over here the pictures just get better and better. You are on a roll, chica.

Anonymous said...

Your blog brought tears to my eyes sister. Your such an amazing woman who I am proud to call my sister. I am sorry about the cousin who told you that, I never knew that was how you found out! Your pictures are so so beautiful. I miss you!

Dinah said...

What a wonderful post Jodi! I'm not the least bit surprised that God blessed you with your creative talents. He plans for you to open hearts and minds through your art and writing, and you're doing just that.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I recognize alot of myself in this post. Must be an "artist" thing.
Searching for your life's purpose?
Have you read, "A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose?" I'm just finishing it - truly a life changing book.