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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Learning to Love--WIP

I bet everyone was thinking I truly took off with the singer from Rock N Roll band, didn't ya?? Nope. Hate to disappoint ya, just had a very busy work week it seems so not a whole lot of progress on the art front. I did manage to get some playtime in yesterday in between errand running, cleaning, and checking out the tornado warning yesterday to work on this piece I started back in January.

Here is the progression of my latest piece:
"Learning to Love"

12x12 canvas, layers of yellow, tan and pink. Texture is created with using a brayer and decorative wall paper. (((I cover my work surface with Freezer Paper---it's the bomb!!!)))

For this step,I've added some additional colors, paper cut outs, and sewing patterns, stamped with some found items (bottle caps, doilies, and more).

At this point in the painting you can start to see the garden growing and the picture to start to come to life. A lot more texture is added through more found stamps (bubble wrap, drywall tape, more stencils). I added the door to symbolize one stepping out of her comfort zone, opening the door to new things, new adventure, new experiences.

I used both graphite and charcoal pencils to draw on my girl and the flowers in the piece, as well to define different parts of the painting that just sort of happened. By this I mean, I started to find more flowers within the layers of paint and stamping when I really looked. I outlined my blooms that just sort of popped up from seemingly nowhere. On my lady, I gave her shirt texture by carefully stenciling with drywall tape. I used a glaze with the paint on her skirt so that the underlying textures and colors would still pop through.

Added cut text and distressed with brown paint.

I'm beginning to color in the garden and draw/paint the face. Completing the face is the most frightening thing for me to do. I'm terrified that I will trash the whole painting by making a face that doesn't look good at all.

And this is where we are at today.... a few more details still left to attend to then paint the sides and varnish the piece. For the final picture, I'm definitely going to have to take the photo outside as these are not reflecting the depth of color and texture although it is good enough to give you an idea an how this piece has progressed. What do you think so far??


Swap news---Stay tuned to Sweet Goodness Swap blog---we are about to announce our next swap on March 24th!!!! Whooooo hoooooo. I'd like to give a hint---but my Goodness Girl pals-Rebecca, Heidi, and Leigh Anne might get mad.....oh heck, the girls will get over it. Besides, I think Rebecca gave notice a few days ago--heehee!! Okay--here goes, we are doing a new color swap--this time with not one, not two,but a three color theme!! And-and--theres a great theme behind the colors. I have a small very obscure hint hidden on my blog already.........can you guess what it is??


Next post I'll show you the finished piece and do the last meme I was tagged for by my fellow Carolina Mixed Media pal, Nanette.

Have an artfully good Sunday!!


Raesha D said...

WOW! This piece is beautiful.

laura said...

I think this one is especially's softer somehow.

Love the music...Amy Winehouse and Van Morrison are favorites over here.

Heidi said...

yellow, tan and pink? Can't figure out a theme for that...

Love this painting. Thanks for showing us how you get the finished product. It's amazing the number of layers!

Lucy said...

I like the way you are thinking Heidi!! The hint is actually somewhere on the blog itself--well at least two of the colors are :)

Thanks everyone for the kudos!! I pretty much finished the piece today. Just need to touch up the sides.

Laura--you are absolutely right about the softness. I used watersoluble oil pastels with the last couple ladies and when they dry, it's a cross between water colors, oil paint, and crayon texture. With this lady, she is mostly acrylic. Her hair is the water soluble oil pastels as is her bow :)

Jeanne Rhea said...

How about robins egg blue, pink and lime green?

This pieces is especially nice! So great to see how you work.

Lucy said...

Jeanne guessed one of the colors--although we are allowing a little artistic freedom here (lt blue, aqua, or teal will be allowed).....anyone else wanna guess??? And be sure to watch out on the swap blog (link to the right of the page)--we are limiting the sign ups to the first 60 peeps. :)

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

The painting looks great! I love that you use everyday items to add special touches to your work. Drawing faces are the most intimidating thing, aren't they?

And I think I'll pass at guessing on the swap colors :-)

Pam Dover said...

So cool...I love seeing the progression of pieces! I love this especially and all the layers.
I have heard of swaps before but never done one and I might want to try it. Keep me up to date with the info.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, This is so beautiful!

Have a Blessed Creative Year!!!

Lina said...

Great piece!

Dale said...

hey there :)

I just stumbled upon your blog through creative everyday :). I love the painting you have created here. The texture to the background, with the vivacious flowers, is fantastic. Fabulous :)

Leah said...

this looks great, lucy! i loved seeing it as it progressed. so many lovely layers. :-)