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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cleaning Up My Thoughts

It's time to clean up some of my toys and get ready for my Easter guests!
I have started reading The Secret and have tried implementing some of the strategies of creating thoughts that transform into things. Positive thoughts that when you believe, you receive. Some days are better than others. The law of attraction works for both the good and the bad. If you have negative thoughts and negative feelings--more negative will come your way as that's the way of the universe. If you believe in good things, good things happening to you, soon those things start coming into your life! Like attracts Like. At first I was skeptical, after all, I think about things all the time and they don't necessarily just come to me. But then I got to thinking, how well do I focus on what I want, and then listen to my instincts as the universe guides me towards my desires? This week I tried an experiment. At work, we were in dire need of some good new accounts after a dry spell for a week. I thought about it, thought about it--and then bam--we did 3 good size accounts!! I wanted to sell something on Etsy, well many things but I started with a sale of another painting--and boom, guess what--I sold another one on Thursday. I had also thinking about something at work for myself personally--and that happened too. Coincidences? Probably, but I was positive all week with my thoughts and things definitely ran smoother for me. I felt more caught up than I had in a long time. I felt invigorated because of the new sale. Thoughts become things---it's an exciting prospect and one that I want to focus on going forward. Who knows where it will go???

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Don't forget--the announcement of our Springtime swap will be on Monday!!! Make sure you check it out, we are limiting the sign ups to the first 60 people, so be sure not to delay!!!

Everyone, have a great Easter (if that is what you celebrate). No matter what--believe in good things coming to you and you will attract that which you need, when you need it!!
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Janet said...

I have not read the book but I have the DVD of The Secret. Thoughts do become things! It's happened to me, too. I'm glad you had such a good positive week. Enjoy your weekend.

Christy said...

Congrats on the new accounts and the etsy sale! Keep thinking positive. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Heather Robinson said...

Lucy, I loved your thoughts about positive thinking...made ME think. I'm going to look up that book. Darling heart magnets! I have to go and check out the upcoming swap and your etsy shop. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...they are so appreciated.

Rebecca said...

:) I know I've said this before but your art has grown so much! It's amazing. And I love "learning to Love." It's beautiful and perfect adn quite personal I think, right?

I also agree that being positive helps. I mean, just being in a good mood makes even those bad things that happen seem okay, right? So here's to positive thinking!!

Paula said...

I haven't read Secrets, but have a book called Creative Visualization that is about positive thinkiing to reach your goals. Sounds like they are similar. I really do think it helps you get there. Congrats on your successful positive thinking this week!!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend...

Breanna said...

Hope your weekend was wonderful. Thanks for such a positive post, it's just what I needed!

Breanna said...

I forgot to say that I love your magnets. The colors are great. I adore the ones I bought from you, they are perfection!

Clementine & Mandarin said...

I agree about the positive thoughts. It's like in Budhism and Hinduism, where you recite mantras, over and over, specific to your situation, thinking about your need. Then one day whatever you desired whatever it may be, enlightenment, removal of obstacles, abundance comes to fruition. Whatever religion, so much power in your thoughts and karma. So exciting to hear about people's enlightenments. I do believe that comes in hand in hand with your art and your blossoming creativity. It's like you're tapping in higher state of mind. Hope that doesn't sound too corny.

Anyway, whatever you're doing, you're on the right path!