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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Big Rocks, Little Rocks

I changed the title of this piece to "Big Rocks, Little Rocks". It was "What is Next". Change is a woman's prerogative, right? I'm forever changing my mind anyway, so why sway from my own true style. Well, creating a painting this small is quite different from my usual style (4x6), and outside my comfort zone. It's hard to create small but think big, or is it just me that has problems like that? I kinda feel like I'm taking my own art class, working on my own "projects" which go along with the lessons I learn in life, as well as through my 'online' studying. What I really like about what I'm doing now, is my branch out to many different techniques and mediums, but keeping it subtle. Can you tell I've used, acrylic paint, colored pencils, gel pens, graphite pencils, stamps, found stencils (doilies), water soluble oil pastels, water color pencils, and charcoal for this piece??? LOL no wonder I am Michael's best customer. I use every dang thing they have to do my work! :)

Inspiration for the title and theme comes from my perpetual unsureness of myself and my direction. What to do first, what to do next, what to prioritize, what to hold on to, what to let go. What is next??
I think that one thing I know for sure, I am moving forward, it's just where is it that I'm moving to? I can feel the winds starting to swirl at my back, moving me forward but like a leaf, up down, sideways, until finally landing haphazardly in the front yard away from the tree I once called my home. Hopefully no one rakes me up. LOL That would be bad, very bad. Seriously, I feel like change is in the air. I've even had dreams about it. I've also had dreams about Brad Pitt, and (so far) that hasn't turned into anything so, not sure how much stock I should hold in my dreams. Perhaps I should just let the wind take me away and enjoy the ride while I can.

Do check out the flickr group I've joined with Creative Everyday group!! Lots of great stuff there!!

***For those of you Sweet Goodness Swappers--stay tuned I think we will be announcing our next swap mid month or so, for our next swap, we will be doing a color swap with a Spring theme in ______. Stay tuned for more details!!!


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