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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Holding Me Down to Earth

Yesterday I had the grand idea to do some thrifting but as it was, my body decided otherwise. In other words, I overslept. I guess it was an omen the day before, when after working 9 hours in a bank, I leave with barely a dollar in my wallet! How can I work all day surrounded by opportunity and forget to make a withdrawal before the end of the day??? MizFixit came to my rescue with exchanging 20 of her small bills (which I suspect she may be moonlighting at an area eatery with all those, for a 20 at the atm when we walked out for the evening. She's a friend that always comes to my rescue !

I started driving home and remember I have pretty much nothing to eat for dinner. Get gas, and then drive over to Panera Bread for some soup and sandwich. If you haven't tried their Fuji Apple Chicken salad, run don't walk. I am a total addict. I absolutely love the apple flavored vinigerette dressing. Being one that never does things in the order she should, I get a hair up my butt to go over to Michael's after I get my dinner to see if they got in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors issue or the February issue of Artful blogger. I've checked every week. That's the only reason why I've gone into the store (lol) , honest. Of course they didn't have either. I really hated to waste my gas so I figured I might as well make my trip worthwhile and buy something. My latest obsession is collecting different types of sketching supplies. Wood less graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal wash pencils, white charcoal pencils, graphite pencils in hard, soft and medium leads. Erasers that bend like silly putty. You name it, it is going to be mine! My intentions are to work on my drawing ability as I progress on my artistic journey. I want to be able to rely less on magazine imagery in my artwork and more on my own concoctions. Although, I still love to incorporate it all. I just want less imagery in my work, although I use the imagery for inspiration.

(((((W I P "What is Next"))))))
After my trip to Michael's Friday evening, I headed home with my cold soup, intent to work well into the evening on some projects, then get up early Saturday and head out to the sales. Ya. Right. By 9 pm, my body started puking out on me, wanting nothing more than to lay my head down. I did work on a few projects, these ladies part of the 4 things I'm doing. The color wash back ground are result of extra paint that I had from doing my last two Sweet HeART pictures. I hate wasting paint, so often times, I have extra paper or projects going that I can stamp or brush on the excess paint onto. During the couple of hours I spent creating, I kept getting interupted by phone call after phone call until I finally turned the phone off at 1:00am. Needless to say, I didn't get my butt up out of bed Saturday in time to do some thrifting. Going back to forgetting my money and forgetting to take the paper I bought at work home, perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

((((((W I P "Together"))))))

I really need to have a yard sale of my own truth be told. I just don't have anything big to sell, to make some big bucks ensuring the sale is worth my while. Anyone that's ever had a yard sale, knows that getting ready for one is a huge undertaking. You need to make sure it's worthwhile. Of course, I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a sale where the people have a very small table with about 15 items on it---why in the world you would spend a morning of your life selling cast offs that won't even net you 5 dollars is beyond me. No. Hell to the NO! I'm not going to do it unless I think I can make at least 100 dollars.
So, instead of yard saling, lil man and me went in search of some new shoes. Okay shoe designers for the Shoe Department, let's get something straight. Not everyone can wear open toe shoes and strappy or non strappy sandals to work!!! Nor does a woman's foot look good in ballerina round flat soled shoes with conservative bank dress slacks. Said my peace. Nuff said. Needless to say, I did not get a new pair of shoes. 492 choices and not one of them appropriate for the bank. Or am I being picky???? Lil man got a new pair of sneakers so I guess the gas wasn't wasted, but Mama is still in need. Later in the evening we watched "Martian Child"--cute movie btw. Definitely family friendly. The child in this film pretends he is a Martian to answer the question as to why he was abandoned by his parents as a baby. Heartbreaking in so many ways. It takes an eccentric widowed science fiction fantasy writer to break through the emotional barriers of this child to hold him down to earth without his gravity belt. Although I haven't been abandoned (lately), I can understand the need to escape to a fantasy world to provide a sense of order to all that doesn't make a bit of sense. I solve my problems with a brush rather than a gravity belt and sunglasses to hold me down to earth.
((((Almost Invisible completed...added shading and some additional highlights)))

And there you have it. My Friday and Saturday. Pretty mundane. Notice I didn't include any cleaning or organizing. I have soooo not been in the mood to overhaul anything in this house. I need to hire a maid. Ha! I wish. Since a maid is not going to be in my future anytime soon, I better close this post and go and meet with Mr. Clean and see what he can do to help me out in this housecleaning debacle I've encountered. You gotta know when to pull in the resources when it gets too much for one to handle on your own. I'm woman enough to know, I need help :)
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Paula said...

You silly goose! Actually, I can't tell you how many Fridays I left without getting cash when I worked at the bank. Always felt like an idiot when I got home ~LOL!
We watched Martian Child when it was in the theater. I thought it was very good and really sad. That poor little guy trying to understand why nobody loved him.
Have you seen August Rush yet?

Jenn Maruska said...

Gosh, I like your "WIP's"! It's so fun to check in and see your latest artwork - and how your style is evolving.

Such a pleasure! : D

Rebecca said...

I love seeing your paintings evolve! I was with you this weekend as I too couldn't get my butt in gear and run my errands (read: thrift and hit the craft store) and now can't wait to do it next weekend!

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Very cool...enjoy the transparency of your figures.

chrystal said...

Lucy-- I did the Valentine's swap just a few weeks ago...and since that was so fun, I was wonderin' if your crew was planning another, and if you'd entertained a theme of vintage aprons. I think that would be swell.

Lucy said...

Chrystal, I couldn't link back to your profile for some reason to reply to your question. We are definitely planning a couple more swaps over this year. Our next one will be announced in the next couple of weeks. It's a color themed swap for spring (different colors than we used last year)--so stay tuned!

Wendy said...

Lucy, your paintings are beautiful! Thats something I've never tried, totally intimidating for me. Will they be for sale?
I'm looking forward to the next swap from you guys!

Leah said...

lucy, i'm loving all your art. your "together" wip is awesome!

Regina Gansen Rooks said...

1st time here & smiling at how similar we are. The past several months I've been collecting all kinds of drawing materials, working on my skills, too. Just enjoying experimenting.
Personally, I go for the Asian salad at Panera, but I'll have to give the apple one a try on your recommendation.
Oh, we are also both hoarders of that last drop of paint. I smear last globs on pages of a tablet to use for future collages (among other things).
I like your art very much.

Leigh Ann said...

Almost Invisible is gorgeous!

I, too, am in love with that Panera salad. I tried to make a similiar version at home and couldn't. I think I'll be getting it today while the kids are in school. Woohoo!

Cheers! LA

Susan said...

I love your new series of pieces. Really nice!