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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rainy Day Friends

Like a rainy day, it may be a long time in between visits, you know, you just know she will come back, if only for a few minutes and it will be sweet comfort knowing she has come to quench your sorrow in the cool
blue raindrops. Raindrops that surely will bring a new day and many Spring Flowers.

Things I like. Things I don't like.

1) I really like drinking French Vanilla Chai tea in the evening. Something so relaxing with every warm swallow hugging my throat. This is a new found like. I am really a coffee junkie and could drink it all day and all night long, but then I can't sleep, am more forgetful than normal, and pretty much go to he$$ in a hand basket with all the caffeine.

2) Chick Fila Chicken biscuits. I know they aren't for everyone, but for me, it's a little slice of heaven each Monday when I allow myself a special morning treat. I about blew a gasket when there wasn't a Chick Fila to be found when I was traveling for work last month! I some how managed, but it was really really hard to go without. ( I know---boooohoooo)

3) Chores: I like um, um, um, there must be something. I guess doing dishes really doesn't bother me. In fact, well, the thought of leaving dishes out really bothers me so the lesser of two evils is to ensure they get done all the time. Do not leave dishes for another day, or another hour. It will eat at your soul.

4) Chores: I don't like---sit down. This could take a while. The short list--detest cleaning the tub and the toilet. Necessary evils though. To not clean them, well--you know what happens then. The police come after you. Or social services.

5) Flip flops and tank tops, cosmopolitans with lime. The promise of a warm summer nights with cool drinks, laughter all around, and bbqs with friends.

6) Mowing the lawn so you can do #5. I detest this. But, I have come to accept the fact a good looking yard boy is not going to fall from the sky to take this task away from me anytime soon.

7) Bed and Breakfasts--I know I'd like going to one, even though I've never been. Some things, a girl just knows.

8) Sky diving, Para sailing, bungee jumping, skiing. No thank you. I like to have control, be in control--and NOT throw caution to the wind. Maybe that's my problem. I should loosen up a bit.

9) I do like Movie watching, getting lost in my art, reading, driving, dreaming, shopping, bargain hunting and getting lost in all the above. Notice, most of these are done with two feet on the ground or at least firmly planted in the sofa. I should really get out more, folks. This is evident the more I write.

10) I'd like to have a more exciting life. Travel more, get out more, do more, see more, have more friends. It's bad when your social life is from 8:30 to 5:30 during work hours...LOL.

11) I hate my fat arse, wobbly arms, jello legs, pudding stomach, and ice cream thighs. You get what you deserve self. Late night 2am snacks, belief that if it's not on a plate, then the calories couldn't possibly count, and believe me---it's all catching up to me.

12) Of all exercises, I do like Yoga best, and light weightlifting. So why don't I do it?? Because I believe in tomorrow as the answer to everything---and I think (((no cross that off))) I've got it wrong. Today is the answer to most everything. It's the only thing promised, so why waste it?

Not sure why I wrote this list. Just some things on my mind :)

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dollface design said...

hi lucy!!!
love this post, so well written and so relate-able, i hear where you're coming from friend ♥ love these heart magnets, they're awesome! love that "friends" painting too, great stuff!

Dinah said...

Yes, it will soon be time to pull out the ol' lawnmower and give my legs the workout they so badly need! Mowing in 95 degree weather is what I'm just itchin' to do. I love the post Lucy!

Vallen said...

Ditto on every single thing except we don;t have Chicken Fila here but I just know I would like it.

linda t said...

Thanks for sharing your list Lucy. I hear ya... especially #9. I used to live a life of adventure... but the older I get, so many fears have kicked in, and now I crave a simple life.
Love your gorgeous art Lucy.

Nanette said...

You've been tagged!

Jennifer said...

I agree with alot of your list - would love to have a more exciting life, love B&B's - you MUST try one - love cosmos with lime and never had a Chick Fil-a biscuit but I secretly love the KFC biscuits.

By the way, I really am loving the way you've been painting your ladies faces lately. Kind of '60's

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I could have written a good half of these! But, I definitely couldn't have put them into words in a wonderful way like you did--you're doing good, friend, better than you think :o)
Smiles, Karen

Rebecca said...

"Flip flops and tank tops, cosmopolitans with lime."

love that line. :)