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Thursday, February 21, 2008

With That Said

I'm sitting here pretending like I'm a full time artist. Got up at 7:30, thanks to one of my peeps texting me ((my new found technology love since upgrading to unlimited, did a little product research ((not that I need anymore products in my arsenal, but what developer doesn't need to research what's going on in the industry)), refined some of my 'product' photos, marketed my wares a bit on some community threads, uploaded pics to my shop, and now I've come to chat a bit with my friends on the blog. Did I pick up a brush yet today? No, but the biz ness side needs to be attended to in the artist's life as well.

Okay so it's not my full time job, but I can pretend, can't I?? I have two days extra off this week. I'm sure my work peeps aren't happy with that but since I was away for so long this month, I needed a work break. Catch my breath, catch up on the cleaning, spend time retooling what ever it is that needs retooling around the palace, then off for some fun this weekend.

About a year ago this month, I really started with my collage/mixed media work full speed ahead. My house hasn't been the same since. Bulging at the seems with supplies, paint and paper every where you turn. I am definitely more at peace with myself since last year. My Sweet HeArt in Pink reflects that mood. Fun and whimsical, yet reflective and appreciative. The month of February has been a turning point over the course of my life in many different areas. It was February when I was almost killed at 14 in a bicycle/car accident...that forever changed my way of thinking. It February that my best friend met her husband when the two of us were out declaring the holiday "Black Friday (Valentine's Day fell on Friday year). 2 of my sister's children were born in February, it was February that I ended my relationship with a great love of mine, it was in February that I decided to truly embrace my art in order to find peace in my life.

So far so good. I can escape and yet do it in a healthy way. I can dream and make those dreams come true. I can have color on the days when it only seems that I can see black and gray. I can see myself grow and share those moments with many many people that I would never have met otherwise.

I hope to come back next February and be able to say I was published in an art magazine, have more and more sales of my work, I hope to say that my day job is still going well and that I have been promoted in some way, I hope to say that a new great love has entered my life in a more positive way, I hope to see my kids happy and content and doing even better in school, I hope that over this year I can get out of debt created from some recent events of the last 2 years, and a house or big move is in the works.
February has always been a turning point for me now that I think about it, but maybe it's just a coincidence. Are there coincidences in life or coincidences merely the hands of fate showing there face more concretely to us??

Well enough rambling for today. I'm off to shower, clean and hopefully I can make it to my favorite thrift stores today or tomorrow. It's been way to long since I've rescued other people's stuff!
With that said,
Enjoy your weekend! It's Friday Eve!


Alyice Edrich said...

Sounds like February is your New Year's Eve. It's cool when you can recognize things like that because it helps us grow and change and move more towards the people God created us to be.

Your day sounds as busy as my "every day". I was tired just reading all you did. :)

Here's to hoping next Friday will be a HUGE announcement--publication here you come!

Heidi said...

Didya find anything good while thrifting? :) Hope that this year brings you closer to your goals & dreams!

Tricia said...

What a great post of inspiration! I love your hear art.........have you seen Karen Michel's work in cloth paper scissors? She works in a similar style:)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I'm loving all the pretty pinks--your new works are fabulous!

Isn't it funny how February stands out in your life like that? Life is a funny thing! Personally I think that coincidences are little miracles that God performs anonymously.

Smiles, Karen