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Friday, February 22, 2008

Warning, Drawing in Bed Can Be Dangerous!

So yesterday was a good day. Not that I won a blue medal for accomplishments but I did do a fair share of work on my day off and didn't have to hang my head in shame for laziness. As I mentioned in my last post, the morning was full of 'bizness' research, marketing, and updating the shop a bit. Okay and a whole lot of reading blogs. But I surfed in between the bizness work, I swear! By lunch time, I decided to get my arse up and out of the computer room to start the cleaning adventure and I got pretty far, vacuumed, dusted, swept,mopped the floors (I hate that job), cleaned the counters, and did the laundry AND watched my dvr'd episode of American Idol (guilty pleasure) while doing all the chores. By two o'clock, I was ready to hit the thrift highway--and just maybe a trip to Michael's might be in order as a sort of reward for my hard work. to justify my trip or I might be put into craft rehab))). Those 40% coupons are all I need to see to cause me to fall off my supply wagon. I only went to 2 places, Karen's Attic and a thrift store near my work called Yesterdays. It's been several months since I have done any thrifting at all. Did I find anything?? A cute man cashier at one of the stores . I bought things there just so he could cash me out.. LOL. No just kidding, I really needed the small glass container, 75% off angel, and shabby chic painted pot that I found. I spent 6.42 cents so I could be cashed out by a good looking man. Am I pathetic or what??? LOL
I did some more artwork later in the evening, painted some backgrounds while watching American Idol results show, and then went to bed surrounded by my supplies and drew this portrait of someone (not me, it would have a lot more gray hairs and a the makings of a double chin if it were me). I've always had a hard time with eyes, and noses. And Lips. And Hair. Hell, I have hard time with the whole damn face. The reason why you don't see 2 eyes is because my attempt and making it symmetrical turned out very very very bad. Looked like a devil woman. I still need some work , it's hard to draw in bed. By the time it was said and pretty much done, I had graphite all over my arms and on my sheets...LOL. Guess I know what laundry I'm doing today. I had the worst time sleeping last night. I woke up about 10 times and that's with not being fall asleep until 1 am. I started off in bed at 9:40 and my eyes didn't close for another 4 hours. I'm sure an overload of caffeine played a role in my lack of sleep. Anywhoo--I decided to get up for good at about 5:15 am as there are lots of things on my agenda for today, too. I'd like to get a hair cut but not sure if that's going to be in the cards or not. I need to straighten my hair before I go and that's an hour job in itself. Reason for that is I want to go shorter and in order to make sure the "straight" style will work, my hair has to be straightened by me--the hair stylists never ever can do it right. I've had yet to have a good blow out by a hair stylists. Of course, my not paying more than 20 dollars probably has something to do with get what you pay for, I guess. My thin, curly hair looks like a hot mess when they get done straightening it, so I've long discovered, I'm a lot happier when I just do it. Later on today we are leaving out for the weekend so I guess I need to pack as well. No rest for the wicked!

Here's hoping you have an artfully great weekend!


Jeanne Rhea said...

I think I like the picture best with only a partial face---and not because it may not be done as you expected---but it gives it a little more interest to be framed as you have done. Very nice.

Jane said...

The title on this one had me! Again, I read this at work without the pictures. I agree with jeanne rhea about the half face. Very nice effect.

Paula said...

Oh my gosh! She's really good ~ and you did this in bed?? What do you need two eyes for anyway? LOL!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Aren't those productive days the best?!! You really got a lot done, yeah! I think your drawing is beautiful--and the eyes, lips, and hair are great (I would be thrilled if I could draw like you--even my stick figures look like they are done by a preschooler!)
Smiles, Karen

laura said...

I have super super super curly hair...masses of ringlets everywhere, thick but very fine.

I have had the worst luck getting blow-outs from all but one stylist.

I came up with my own method-I let it air dry for 15 minutes or so (it's about 4 inches past my bra-strap now, so it takes a awhile)...then I put the handle of the blow dryer in the space between my towel rack and the wall and turn it on...this enables me to work with both hands. I roll brush it while pressing it against the dryer over and over. Then, when it is dry and reasonably straight I can let it be or use ginormous hot rollers to get a little bounce back with no frizz. Whew. It sounds like a lot, but I've got it down. I love my curls, but I feel more pulled together when I straighten it once a week or so.

By the way...your portraits are getting better and better!