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Friday, February 22, 2008

Almost Invisible WIP

Almost Invisible

I'm still experimenting this week. I so very much want to be able to paint and draw portraits well. This is going to be the year I learn to do just that, mark my words. This is still a work in progress, the background done yesterday then my lady today. She's Almost Invisible, like a shadow in the night with only the light of the moon showing just a few of her true colors. Can anyone see her? Can anyone hear her? She lurks behind the flowers damp with moonlit dew, sad for all that she is not, but hopeful for all that she may become. Watch as she grows.
Maybe taking a break was good for me. I am eager to see what I come up with next. I do believe that with focus, habits are created so hopefully one of the habits I have instilled in my every day is to do something, anything relating to my art. It can only get better from here :)

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your words of encouragement! I truly appreciate your thoughts and comments!


ingermaaike said...

She already looks good, I love your color use.

Clementine & Mandarin said...

I am eager as well to see what you come up with next! Your art keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work and one day soon you will be a full time artist!

Jane said...

I checked in at work, but my computer didn't have the plug ins to see the pictures. Anyway, it's kind of neat to read about the art without seeing it. Then to go back and see it is another neat experience. Years ago I took a portrait drawing class with a friend. It was pastels. I wasn't too good, but with the help of the teacher I did come up with one picture that I liked. I think it was through community school so it was a great deal and a fun way to spend one night a week.

Contessa Kris said...

She is just gorgeous! I love the subtleness of her and the beautiful layering of the background colors.

Leigh Ann said...

This is breathtaking. Beautiful work, girl.

Cheers! LA

Jennifer said...

Oh, she's beautiful! She really does have an ethereal appearance.

Rebecca said...

Feeling a bit blue, are we? :) Your art is so emotional, maybe I say that because we're friends but I mean it! It's lovely.

Paula said...

I totally see the moonlight playing on her hair and see the sadness in her face. Your work just keeps getting better and better!

Vallen said...

This just might be my favorite to date. It is just stunning

Jeanne Rhea said...

You are really doing well with learning to draw and paint! I wish I had what it takes to draw--sculpting is much easier for me. But like you, I keep on plugging along.

I like this one!