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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Their New Homes

A few weeks ago, I posted my finished version of "I Found My Fish", yet this picture is really the completed version. It's "perched" on an altered frame in my Mom's and Craig's computer/media room, which as you might guess has a nautical theme. They found an unique frame that had a recessed matte in it and repainted it to match the walls. It is almost surreal seeing something I have created in someone else's home (even if it is my own Mother'
Speaking of new homes, another piece of mine found it's way up the East Coast....the picture I have featured currently on my blog (The World Is Round), was the item I had created especially for the winner (who chose the color) of my 200th post giveaway. Please check out Susan's post which features her goodies I sent. Susan has the most exquisite store/restaurant, which features what other than Tea, wonderful finger sandwiches, and delectable desserts. In her shop, you will find unique vintage and hand crafted treasures in abundance. Her blog is always full of eye candy, so if you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for!
Enjoy, Susan!

In other news this week, I finally made it to my first "North Carolina Mixed Media Guild" meetings. I had planned to join in November or December but the force was not with me to attend a meeting during the holidays, however, the planets aligned this last Thursday in time for me to hitch a ride with a couple of other area artisans. Attending were about 10 other mixed media artists from the central Carolina area, and let me tell you...I was extremely inspired by the range of creativity within the group. We started with a "show and tell" which was a little intimidating to me, being my first meeting.....I didn't want to get kicked out or laughed at right from the get go. However, everyone was very supportive and gave me a lot of positive feedback regarding my work. They plotted out several items for future meetings, some of which include little "field trips" to group members professional art studios, art stores, and other artists providing demos of their work. I can't wait to learn and be inspired by all of these talented women! Here's a sampling of just a few that were in attendance-Jeanne who is a master of many trades--brought along some extraordinary ink paintings and from the looks of her blog is a fabulous polymer clay artist. Amy is a "neighbor' of mine (we live in the same county that and is also a mixed media painter like myself as well as a glass artist. Her work is bold and vibrant as her personality. I will definitely share some more of the local artists with you in a future post so you can see all of the fabulous talent right outside my door. I'm honored to be a member of their group!

Well that's about it for me---I've been busy working on a new painting that is larger than the last few I've done so I am thinking this will take me a while to complete---oh and I have fabulous idea for my Hanging Heart swap piece which was inspired by a recent artsty fartsy magazine I just received.....details to come!

Enjoy your week!


Vallen said...

It's interestingthat you're getting ibn to groups, I was thinking of looking up some like-minded folk to share things with in real time. It would be nice to have a place to go. I'm going to keep up with you and how you like it.

Paula said...

The mixed media guild is so cool! What a great way to keep you focused on your artwork and meeting other artists. Kudo's for jumping in and joining! YAH!