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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Create in 2008

There's a lot to be said when you talk about creativity. Opening yourself up to your inner muse is liberating, frightening, and sometimes even surprising. Throughout this year, thanks to the many many magazines I've perused focusing on mixed media, the countless artist that feature their work online and I've been fortunate to 'find', the flickr groups I've visited, and art books I've purchased or been given, I feel like I've just jumped off a cliff but instead of falling down, I'm flying upwards into a great big world of the unknown with all the inspiration I've happened upon. As one does, in blogland, I 'happened' to come across through a friend of a friend, this challenge:

Check out my link on the sidebar for Leah's challenge. Last year she featured Art Everyday Month which pretty much turned out to an ongoing challenge to create something every day. Even if it's a doodle. And it doesn't even have to be art it can be a creative endeavor of other sorts. Hmmmm. Can I do it everyday? Probably not to a huge extent everyday, but surely I can do something, ANYTHING, daily, no matter how big or small. Can I blog it everyday. Heck no! LOL 2 or 3 times a week is all I can muster. But what the heck. I have tried to stay focussed over the last several months on creating but perhaps in 2008 I should focus on refining my skills and developing my own style. Maybe I have a style and just don't know it. Perhaps it's emerging. Should I work in collections? What should my focus be if I were to work in a collection. Are collections plotted out, or do they just begin to take form as time goes on? What are my own personal symbols that reappear throughout my work? Do I have any?? What do they really mean if I do incorporate symbols in my work?
Questions without answers.
Canvases with no paint.
Supplies that want a voice.
Brushes that want to be dancers.
In 2008, I will create.

I've had this canvas for a while now but I've been afraid to use it. Have you ever felt that way about one of your treasured stash? Was it that beautiful yard of coveted material? Or the softest yarn you've ever laid eyes on? Perhaps you've just hoarded those buttons for years waiting for the perfect project to use them on. Whatever your reason for holding your stash in reverence, I understand you. Once you start using it, it's purity is gone. There's a chance it may be stained in imperfection, but there's also a greater chance that it will become so much more...what it was meant to be all along. Sometimes you know in the beginning what the end will be, but more than not, you find out along the way as you embark on the creative journey what the voices in your head are really saying. In my head I sometimes think ahead to the next great thing I could be doing as I work on my piece in hand. If I'm not careful, I'll leave whats in hand for what's in my head...perhaps out of fear of finishing. More than not, it's because I am afraid of not being able to translate my vision into reality so rather than admit failure, I move on to the next project. Here we have the beginning of a vision. But I really don't know the end...I just have the concept of what I want to convey.

As most of you know, the concept and vision sometimes change along the way based on what mood the paint brush is in that day, or the humidity, or the artist, or the supplies you have available. It's best not to be too attached to your original vision because more than not, the canvas has a mind of it's own.
In mixed media, there are a lot of layers. Sometimes it's hard to move past the layer you are on because you love it too much. How do you achieve the many layers? For me it depends on the day. For this piece, it started out with a credit card and some paint. Then I added on the illusion of texture by brayering on this wallpaper to the canvas. I like to work light to dark, then light back to dark, if that makes sense.

This lovely wallpaper was given to me by my SGS sister Jane. Her packages always included some items to use in my art work. The texture on this paper is wonderful for mixed media painting, and I'm so greatful she shared some of her stash with me!

I know I'm going for a garden theme at sunset, but at this point, it's undecided how I'm going to get there. I will wait and let it speak to me some more.
I've taken over the Christmas Eve buffet table I borrowed. I don't think I'm giving it back to it's owner...LOL. It's my new LONG craft table. But I digress.... In this stage you can see the subtle stamping taking place and the grass starting to form.

You'll have to excuse the dark pictures....our days lately in NC have been cold and gray. I'm not complaining..just making excuses ;)
As I move farther along in my creation, I start to incorporate various papers, tissues, and collage on wording or music. My abstract flowers are starting to bloom, I can feel it.

The garden is stating to have a voice. In this picture, it looks busier than it's going to end up...but its all about the layers....we cover and conceal what's really underneath. There's a lot more than meets the eye to this piece.

A door is opening. It's taking shape. Open to the possibilities. Open to the unknown. And although she's not finished yet, I wanted to share this as part of the Creative Everyday challenge because in 2008, I am resolved to keep the creative door open and flowing. My end result may not be what I intended, perhaps it may be even more than I imagine, the point is, that I will be further along on my journey than if I never opened the door at all.

What are you opening yourself up to lately?


Sarah and Jack said...

In 2008 I am changing my self talk motto from "I will survive" to "If it is hard it is worth doing!"

Rebecca said...

Oh it's lovely! This is certainly one of my favorite of your pieces. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

I'm off to a good start in 2008 with my creativty and I promise to make less excuses and get on with doing!

Jane said...

I love these post were you show the steps to making the canvas backgrounds. I just posted to join the challenge. Big or small something creative everyday should be do-able and fun.

Leah said...

oo, this is gorgeous!! i've definitely had that problem with holding on to some part of my stash.

i think everyone has their own style naturally and it becomes more evident the more you work. so keep on creating. i'm looking forward to seeing your creativity blossom even more in 2008!!

Paula said...

don't stop, I can't wait to see the finished piece. Gardens, ah, spring is coming is it not?! You've taken my daydreams of the last several weeks and put it on that canvas...gorgeous!

Loudlife said...

I'm loving this! I can't wait to see the finished product!

I have many, many things that I hoard for the "right" usage. I'm terrified that I'll have wasted them or ruined them if I just jump right in. Occasionally I have the revelation that nothing used in art is wasted - but it never seems to stick.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the great comment!


miss chris said...

I do this with fabric... and end up with stacks of beautiful colors that never see the outside of my craft room.

Lucy, this is beautiful! I love where it is going... and watching it get there. Thanks for sharing your 'doing'.

steph said...

wow.. this is crazy fab!!