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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So, What Is It That You Wanna Know???

((This is who I look like according to a famous face generator I did a while ago on a site that I can't remember now....) Who is this?? I am getting forgetful in my old age!

Sweet Jennifer tagged me for a round of random 7 things about I figured I'd take a cue from Heidi and use some of the prompts from this blog to talk more about myself since I can barely think of entertaining things that you all would want to I am sorely behind on some of the tags and "awards" I have won over the last couple of months so hopefully I will catch up before Spring!

1) If you could change your name, what would it be? Long ago and in a time and place far away I wanted to be a writer. My pen name was going to be: "Amanda Sinclair". Don't ask me why but I loved the name Amanda. I guess Sinclair just sounded so worldly to me. Now, that name reminds me of a soap opera star or some cheesy romance novel character name. Come to think of it, that's probably what type of writer I would have been had I pursued that line of work.

2)Describe a time you've gone overboard: I go overboard every holiday food wise (cooking and eating) and present wise. I stress about having enough, doing enough, and giving enough to the point that I just about ruin it for myself and others! It's really kinda ridiculous! No, it' s more than ridiculous. I really think that 2008 needs to be a year of cutting back and not being wasteful. If you would have seen how much food we had here for Christmas Eve for 6 people, you would have died. Don't get me wrong, it was all delicious and wonderful to peruse--but the amount we wasted because no one could eat it it reasonably within a weeks time let alone in an evening--I don't know I just shake my head. Then I wonder why it's hard for me to pay my bills! Hmmmm. Could it have been a nice party with less?? Would anyone have complained?? Yep to the first and Nope to the second. Speaking of cutting back and using what you have--please visit Laura and check out her food plan for January. She's on a mission and I admire her for it!!

3) What are you presently wearing: I am presently wearing what I normally wear at home within 3 1/2 minutes of entering the house after jammies. Typically I wear lightweight pajama pants, preferable woven, and a tank top. Oh...gotta have my slippies, too. I would wear my slippers to work if I could. Heck, I'd wear my jammies to work if I could. There was a time when my look had to be on the mark every minute of the day. Now....I'm all about comfort and coziness. I definitely going through a nesting/solitude/quiet time in my life. BUT...I'm starting to come out of it. My quest for comfort has also resulted in a lack of energy, lack of physical exertion, and weight gain....and I don't like how I look or how little energy I exert on things except for my artwork.

4) Who can you never please? Hmmm..this is a hard one because most of the people in my life are very supportive and cheer me more than jeer me. I guess the one person I could never please in my life in the past isn't with me anymore and please isn't really the right word, it's more than no matter how much I did, how much I gave, how much I tried to do for this person, it was never enough. I'm sure that's a direct result of that person being very very very self indulgent. Manipulative. Conniving. There was always an ulterior motive to what they did and why they did something. It took me forever to understand all that though.

5)What do you wait for? There's a lot of things I wait for...The start of American Idol, Fridays, my paycheck, Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall....halfway through any season I want the next one to come, the weather forecast, the start of yard sale season......lately I anxiously wait for that email that comes through that says "Etsy Transaction"

6) How did you learn about the birds and the bees? Jimmy Wright, my next door neighbor shockingly told me when I was in about 3rd grade that my parents had sex! What?? Now way jose, not MY parents. AND THEN proceeded to tell me his version of what sex consisted of. Oh my goodness, I was disgusted and totally dismayed at the thought! LOL

7) Is it easy to be you? I think so. For the most part, I am very easy going, I have a calm demeanor, I am positive and don't really 'sweat the small' stuff. I have a very strong resolve and can be very determined when I want to be, and overall, I am comfortable in my own skin. I know my shortcomings, but I don't obsess over them. I like things to be right, but when they are wrong...I don't kick myself into the ground, rather I dust myself off and pick myself back up. I have a strong work ethic but I'm not married to my work anymore. I think at this phase in my life, I'm about balance. Give and take. Believe and Receive. Actions + Effectiveness=Results. I wonder how I will be the next 39 years of my life?? Will I be easy to deal with when I'm 80 years old??? Or am I going to be a crotchety complainer because of all the years I've held all the junk in??LOL who hasn't played the 7 random things game??

How about my Sweet Goodness Swap Sister Jane?

Also tagging my other SGS pal Jane L.

And finally, let's hear from another SG Swapper pal of mine JAR

*****Check out my post below for the latest swap news!!!! Hurry--times a tickin!"


Jennifer said...

Some interesting facts about you. The whole Amanda Sinclair thing cracked me up - names, like everything else, change in taste as you get older.

Thanks for playing the "tag" game.

Rebecca said...

I'm with you on 2 and 3 definately. Especially 3, I wear that same get up every day after work LOL. And as for 1 . . . I took a creative writing class in college and we had to pick a pen name. I chose Rebecca Dusquesne and I was going to write romance novels (we had just studied Fort Duquesne in another class and I added an extra "s" for sassy!) Anyway, as you may notice this is why "dusquesne" is still in my email address to this day 15 years later. :)

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy New Year, Amanda Sinclair (tres chic!) I always wished my name was Lucy! the grass is always greener... I can't wait for American Idol either :D

Paula said...

American Idol starts next week!!!
I wear my jammies or sweats whenever I'm at home also. Nothing wrong with being comfie.
Your parents had SEX??? That one cracked me up. I think we all feel that way and would rather not think about it. 3rd grade is way to early to be presented with that info!
Hey, you won my Mom's birthday book give-away. I'm sure I have your address around here somewhere...

Susan said...

Such fun to sound like a fun, balanced, interesting and contemplative 39 year old. I'm sure you'll be even more fun, balanced, interesting and contemplative at 80!

Heidi said...

I am a jammies wearing too. I've got them on right now! Only flannels for me up here in cold Chicago, though!

linda t said...

What a fun, interesting bunch of questions.
Lucy, you are a real good writer... in fact, you ARE a writer, an author... of your blog... and we get to enjoy that particular wonderful gift that you have and share with us! Thanks!

jar said...

I've answered a few questions - may have to think about others:-)