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Monday, January 21, 2008

Mini Pieces of My Heart and Other Ramblings

Mini Pieces of Happiness.

That's what I spent tonight creating. Many of them. They'll eventually be a part of a bigger piece , which I think is going to be adorable when done. I enjoyed working on these small pieces inspired by the cover artwork from the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, featuring Karen Michael. I'm trying to be good and finish up my project ahead of schedule but I REALLY wish I was soooo good at what I do, that I'd actually finish projects to coordinate with the holidays ahead of schedule so I can sell them. I don't know how designers work a couple of seasons ahead of time. I have never been one to decorate for all seasons (at least not to the nines) either. I am, at best, a couple weeks ahead of time ready for the holiday. I probably will never change, but I hope to get more in the mindset of holiday decorating and creating over this next year. Perhaps with the Creative Everyday challenge I'll be more focussed and stay on track with my projects. These mini heart collages are made on wood, which I painted black. I then collaged on assorted decorative papers and then cut out hearts and used gel medium to adhere on. I used black paint and did a wash on the pieces to age them and create a smoky effect, and finished painted on little doodles & adding inspirational word on each. They actually would make cute magnets as well...hmmm.....not a bad idea not that I think about it! Stay tuned!


Hope everyone had a great weekend (to me it's kinda like Sunday night as I had today off as well). Here's something that I saw while in Myrtle Beach this weekend. Pretty cool, huh?!


Have you met my Sweet Goodness 'Hanging Heart' Swap partner yet?? Please check out Connie's fabulous home and cottage she rents out to vacationers. She has such great taste and is the sweetest person. Her new blog can be found here!

If you are in need of inspiration or a cool one of a kind gift for the holiday of love (cough cough), check out Etsy's Valentine's Day gift guide! Fabulous assortment of goodies to be found! I'm only being sarcastic because I will be loveless this holiday...heck even when I was what's his face, it's not like I could expect any sort of LOVEly surprise. It was about this time last year when all heck broke loose. Anyway...maybe I'll peruse the gift guide and give myself a gift of love...LOL.


Check out this Christmas Journal By Dawn B. (she has a journal book coming out late this spring). Her blog is always full of inspiration and guidance for those who like to journal. I love her style and her handwriting is too die for. I WISH I had cool handwriting!! For beginning journalers, she is putting together a project that may get you published--check it out if you are so inclined!


Well, that's enough of my rambling for one day. Hope your week is artfully good!


Heidi said...

I love those little collages! They are great. Hope to see some in the shop soon! :D

Clementine & Mandarin said...

Hi Lucy,
Yes, it's been a long time. I've somehow got lost with "stuff", "life", you know. Thanks for checking in on me, despite the fact that I haven't posted in a year! Boy, does time fly when you're not laying in the grass, watching the clouds float by.

Congratulations on your art. All creative endeavors, expressions of your inner thoughts and emotions are a beautiful thing. Your collages are wonderful and it moves me that you're out there creating and sharing.

Keep on doing what you're makes the world a better place.


Paula said...

Love your little heart collages, really cute~
I'm like you, trying to get some valentine-y stuff done for etsy, but not sure that I'll make it on time. Next year....LOL!

Breanna said...

Love the collages! I am quite like you, not getting to the seasons ahead of time. I feel lucky if I get to them at all! I am thinking I'd like to do a Christmas in July bit this year, which means I really ought to start now, at the rate I go...

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

What fun little hearts...thanks for the how to!