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Monday, December 03, 2007

Sweet Sights of Holiday Happenings

If you think I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, think again....I've been up to my eyeballs in glitter, garland, pine needles, rubbermaid totes, paint, and more. Notice how I've left out anything to do with anything in the kitchen--no holiday smells coming yet from my stove other than the potpourri liquid that I bought. Nope--baking would have totally put me over the edget I think this weekend.
The cluster (you know what) thatI had this popsicle stand in all weekend up until 11pm last night was beyond all sense of sanity and I don't even have a lot, so it's beyond me how I took 3 rubbermaid totes and turned into 3 rooms of complete chaos!
The good news is, everything is put up, put out, swept up, and glowing like Chevy Chase on crack.

This is the fabulousity wreath I created with the multiple packs of bulbs I have purchased at some yard sales throughout the year, all glued down nice and tight (I hope....) on a flocked wreath purchased at the ultra swanky Dollar General! Not that it goes with the green and red decorations I have--that's really besides the point, isn't it? This isn't Design Challenge, Holiday Episode 2007 where everything looks like of the 3 thousand beautiful pics I've seen in the multiple copies of Holiday magazines that I can't seem to walk by lately at the grocery, this is use what you have and embellish the rest Holiday 2007 by Lucy.

This is a little out of order, put I loved this pic so added it at the top of my blog roll tonight--a view from the old railroad station in Aberdeen, NC--Rockfish Railroad. After all the stockings were hung (oooops wait, I lied, I still have stockings to hang now that I think about it), Josh and I took a spin around town to look at all the lights--a tradition we usually save until the Saturday before Christmas. I took a ton of pics with my new camera on the night time setting and well--ummm---this about the only one that came out clear. The rest look like I had about 7 martini's and was doing the samba while taking the shots. I obviously have a lot to learn yet about it..but that's a good thing. I learned how to use the "auction feature" though--aren't you proud? It has a cool function that will allow you to take smaller size pics and group them in blocks of up to 4 with no editing on the computer...purdy cool, huh??

Speaking of Auctions--here is a purchase I bought last spring from Carrie of Violet's are Blue from her ebay store. I won a HUGE box of John McCrae woodland ornaments and this ceramic house, all for a sweet price. All for less than what this house sold for at regular retail alone! Now that's SWEET!
Okay and if I'm not sewing, I might as well load up everything I own with fabric that I have. I've covered tables, carts, draped chairs--all with holiday fabric. It makes me feel better. LOL. I hate buying things and not using them. Not that I paid a lot for 5 bags of fabric--10.00 last year--the point is, I should have made at least 50 projects by now and I think I have done maybe...maybe...3. (hanging head) 3 or so sewing projects that is. My attention has been turned elsewhere not to mention my sewing machine sucks the big wad. And that's when it works.

Here's a snapshot of a couple of the woodland ornaments I bought--the snowman, and the ummmmwhatever that is on a string....LOL...and one of my favorite angel ornaments nestled imbetween the woodsy thingys.

I've done some painting too this week--well this isn't it, but just wanted to mention that I have a picture in the works. This one I was working on when I did the last portrait..or actually I think it was the last painting I featured. I was going to sell it but I just didn't create the look I was going for so it's going to stay in the family, not to mention it's too late to be listing Christmas things on etsy. That painting I'm working on right now is pretty cool--it's come to be about growing wings and flying away. More about that on my next post. Oh look--I guess I need some new candles don't I?? Yikes. Embarassing.

Oh look. There's my knee. It actually looks skinny. It's not. Ha. :) I decide to decorate in my holiday best pajamas--all red and white like a big ole walking candy cane. I felt better just putting them on, then again, I'd go to work in my pajamas if I could so that doesn't say much about me feeling in the spirit. My jammies always lift my spirit!

You'll have to trust me that it all came together swimmingly and that the tree is much more beautiful and comforting in person. I am still in the real tree mode--can't quite bring myself to buying an artificial one although it does make much more economical sense as well as less far less hassle--but then my sons would probably revolt because they like the tradition of buying a tree at Lowe's tree farm (snicker). Oh wait,, that would be me that likes that tradition and would revolt against myself if I changed it up. Or my other half changed it up--my more logical side (does she exist anymore)??
All in all, I moved a little further away from my holiday funk than when I started this mission Friday night. I'm still not all the way out of it--case in point--no holiday goodies in the freezer, only one bag of chips bought compared to the 10 or so I usually have stocked away--about 5 presents bought compared to the nearly completed list by now--no holiday cards written out, no holiday recipes list to make decided on, not one holiday project completed other than the painting (for me) and the wreath (for the house)....swap project barely started....I'm even scaring myself by highlighting all things I have yet to muster the energy to tackle. I just haven't had it in me for a variety of reasons this year. Hopefully some spirit will blow into me with the night wind outside of my door and I will awake tomorrow with the drive to make this holiday...a holiday like I want it to be which is different than how I've been feeling lately. The good news is, there is progress up the mountain--thank the blog diary to prove that :)



Breanna said...

Lucy, that wreath is gorgeous, and your house looks beautiful! I am having a hard time being festive this year as well. For some reason it all seems very overwhelming to me. My goal is to get by, and keep the kids content. I certainly won't be winning any designing awards this year.

Sarah and Jack said...

The wreath looks awesome.

I dont make lists like that b/c they scare me too.

Heidi said...

Everything looks so pretty! Love your mantel, and that wreath has me drooling! I hope you don't mind that I saved a picture of it because I want to make one someday and I love yours!

janealt said...

You're house looks so festive and cozy! You should feel proud of all that you've done - don't focus on what hasn't been done. There will always always be something you need to do, but only you can stop and make yourself enjoy all this beauty you have created. Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal and you don't get these days back. Put RELAX at the top of that nasty list. Maybe the biggest holiday treat would be you sitting down for a while and breathing in your blessings. BTW the wreath is beautiful. Martha Stewart herself couldn't have made it better.

Heidi said...

Your tree looks great! And the wreath is gorgeous. Did you just hot glue them on there?

Rebecca said...

Your house looks warm and lovely! And that wreath is just gorgeous!

And I'm still cracking up over the Garland-garland. LOL

littleorangekitchen said...

I love the wreath! I haven't even started holiday baking yet...not one thing!

Dinah said...

Your wreath is just beautiful! And the fireplace area looks soooo inviting. And I'll bet that you look equally festive in your pj's there amongst it all!

Vallen said...

It all looks fabulous in a very talented crafter/artist sort of way.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh my hell, Lucy! Your wreath is spectacular and I am totally going to sneak down your chimney and steal that son'a'gun!! Look atchoo all decked out and jinglin' with the holiday spirit!! Got some to share with me? I'm waaaaay behind schedule! Santa is so going to kick my ass!
Miss you! xox