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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Judy Garland GARLAND-November Sweet Goodness Swap!

When we speak of Goodness, Jane A-must be the definition of it, in so many ways, she has become more than just a swap partner--she really has become a Sister which of course is the purpose of the swap this time around--to really get to know your partner and to share thoughts, emails, likes and dislikes and hopefully make a friend for life. Jane and I have a lot in common and I think I can speak for her as well, and we definitely will continue on our friendship well past this swap. The first photo features just part of the assortment of goodies she sent in our "Tags and Swags-Garland" portion of the swap. Loaded in a sweet vintage case I found a bazillion tags of all sorts-painted, collaged, adorned with stickers, vintage photos and more--so many had the theme of friendship I just can not get over all the time she took to make all these wonderful goodies. She also included wonderful smelling herbal bath and herbal bath salts, a fabulous book "Art and Fear"-a very thoughtful gift as it contains the quote I used in my last swap on a collage I made her (which she had given me the idea in an email she had sent me where she had commented on our progress as artists and the work we create as practicing for "the few to soar". She also included a fun treat for lil man which I thought was so nice and kind :) All the items are sitting on a sweet red and yellow vintage tree skirt which I am planning on using this year with my tree. Jane is a major thrifter and comes across the most unique items--thank you for sharing them with me!
The "Garland" Jane made me is truly a GARLAND--LOL---she played on the name and painted, collaged, and adorned Judy Garland on wooden cutouts which hang on a beautiful beaded swag--I can't even imagine the time she took to make this unique and fabulous Garland!! I love it, it is the best :)
Here's another picture of the wonderful assortment of goodies Jane sent--so many things I had the best time opening them--
I have been going through the tags and everytime I look at them, I see new elements I hadn't seen before-thank you Jane for taking the time to do all of these for me!! I'm not sure if I can give any of them up to put on my gifts..LOL :)
Here's another shot of the most unique Garland I've ever seen! I am going to feature this in my "studio" as a reminder of the great friend and Sister I have made though this "Sweet Goodness Sister Swap".

Jane--you rock!

(If you have joined this swap--please remember to upload your November pictures to the flickr site created here
and your October photos here
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