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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is it really 200 posts from Sweet Repeats??

Can you believe it's my 200th post???
Holy smolly.
Give or take a few drafts that are probably in my post list, it is pretty much my 200th post!
Where did the time go?
I would have had something exciting planned like fireworks or Green Apple martini's to go around for everyone had I been paying attention to my number of posts. Instead, you get a special feature of my latest work from almost start to finish.
I'd love to do a giveaway as well--but it will have to be after Christmas so as to not add any more pressure to my already about to explode head. SOOO with that said, I will still pick a name for a SUPER FABULOUS MEGA FANTASTIC giveaway to be sent out no later than December 31st. What will that include? about an original piece of art from me in the color of YOUR choice and a BUNCH of other goodies that I come up with between now and then!

Okay--so leave a comment, a color choice, and if I don't have your email (I have almost everyone's email that's ever been in a Sweet Goodness Swap) or if you don't have a blog, please leave a way for me to contact. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE To hear from any lurkers out there, too!!
I will take names through Sunday evening at 11:59 pm and draw names on Monday, December 10th.
Lots going on this week coming up--it's also just about my 39th birthday---on Thursday, December 13th I'll be just about 40. I'm going to enjoy this year. I think I need to make 39 goals for myself to achieve. hmmmm....that sounds doable. My friend Mizfixit is making a list of a 101 goals in 1001 days. That's intimidating. Wow. Think about it. I'm not sure that I even have 101 things I want to do....LOL....I know, I lead a pathetic life! But I'm sure I could come up with 39 things.
Okay, I'll work on the list and let you know. It will be my Birthday resolution and I'll revisit it before my 40th birthday.

Okay--on to my art of the week feature show. This piece is called "Fly Away" I really favor the metallic paints lately. Don't ask me why. I guess it's the shine and the depth they create instead of the flatness of regular paints. For this, I started on a smaller piece of 140 lb watercolor paper. I did a lot of painting, wiping off and stamping before AND after laying down the images, music, and real stamps (thank you LAURA).

Inspired by a picture in a 1985 National Geographic magazine, this moth came to life. I love all the details on this and am proud at how it came out!

Moving closer to the finish line, I added more details to the moth, sprinkling of paint splatters to suggest definition of the wings, added a "found poem" from a book Jane gave me (thank you).
Beautiful winged moth, fly softly with the breeze."
Lastly, I added more definition around the wording by outlining them, darkened the edges and added a few more rubber stamp markings.
When I think of what this means to me, I imagine the transformation of my self, sometimes its not dramatic, but it is there. And I'm able to do so now, peacefully at my own pace--with the breeze. Here I am flying softly into the breeze--with you all perched on the limb of this tree watching. That's both inspiring and intimidating!!

For those of you who are just meeting me--check out what I was doing last December here.

I had to check for myself to see how far behind I am compared to last year. I'm just a little bit behind all in all. One difference this year is that I am dramatically paring down my Christmas crafting and gift giving. Not that I don't wish to give to everyone I did last year, it's just that the pocket book this year has shrunken quite a bit so there's just not enough to go around. That is what I think is depressing me the most, not doing what you want, because you can't. Sigh.

I was also reading back at my posts and remembered how excited I was at the prospect of a new beginning with my x-other half. I knew for sure this time was different and I just wanted the holidays to be perfect for him coming home so I went sooo far overboard to make everything under the sun and to decorate to the nines, get as much as I could gift wise for everyone--I totally overdid it all and was sorely disappointed shortly there after. I'm still depressed over all that and it doesn't help that the phone will not stop ringing and I keep telling the same story over and over again to him about why I just can't forget and forgive. I'm not mean--I'm not cold hearted, I'm just not going to live with a substance abuser who's schzophrentic personality drives ME and my kids and everyone around us insane. Not to mention the majority of the reason I've been in this financial mess is because of him. The bottom line is, I enjoy slipping with both eyes shut, even if I do that alone!

Anywhoo--this weekend I'm going to start some of my baking, get a few gifts wrapped, and get closer to the holiday pinnacle that is upon us all and it will be a good time--I can feel it! This December is embarking another new beginning for me and my family, I just have to get in the mindset again like I did last year and make it happen. The power of suggestion and positivity is very real-if you believe!

Don't forget to leave a comment for you Artful goody pack in celebration of my 200th post and to leave me a color choice! Good luck!


dragonflydreamer said...

Congratulations on your 200th post! I can really relate to what you are going feeling about paring down this Christmas because this will be my most pared down Christmas. I am trying to focus on giving more attention to the meaning of our celebration and not feel guilty with so much commercialism bombarding me. Making the decision to protect yourself and your children from the effects of living with a substance abuser. It doesn't make you cold hearted. I gave into guilt, pity, and fear when faced with the same choice many years ago. By ignoring my gut intuition, I gave up dreams, financial security, stability, until I was too beaten down by depression to feel I even had a choice anymore. I cannot get any of those years back or undo the damage it did to my sons. You do what you feel you need to do to take care of you and yours. It will be okay. I wish you and your family a holiday season filled with the gifts of love, good health and peace. Your color choice. I love surprises.

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 200 posts! I always like seeing posts about your work, especially the step-by-step photo sequences.

I'm not somebody who's ever been really into the holidays (at least not since I was a little kid), but I am looking forward to going home and getting my baking started.

(I'd love to enter your draw. My favourite colour is blue, and my e-mail address is in my profile.)

Shara said...

Juicy - You're artwork has "come a long way, Baby!" It is fantastic. My favorite to date had the lantern on it. I consider myslef to be able to cra, but don't do much anymore. In the past three months I have made a ton of things and a lot of that is thanks to you and your blog with your artwork on it. It made me realize that I CAN do it! And, so I have. Thanks Juicy! Here's to 200 more!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your 200th post! (...and my color choice would be aqua!)

Rebecca said...

Happy 200th post, sweetheart! I can't believe we've both come this far in our creativity. I remember this time last year bundling up a gift package for you and thinking "I am so excited to have a new friend!" :)

Let us both be "merry and bright" this weekend and get over our holiday blahs, okay?

And if for some luck of the draw I am the lucky lucky winner I would say my color choice would be gold! (I love your latest piece!)


Dana said...

Happy 200th:))) Thanks for a great blog! I always look forward to seeing what you have been making!

I'd like to enter the drawing, it sounds like fun to get a surprise!!

Color choice... hmm... yellows or reds


Jane said...

You have so much to be positive about! Your art is just fantastic! I am always so impressed with these start to finish posts you do. There is such transformation.

Inspired by that bitty notebook you gave me the last time I won :), I collaged a notebook for my friend who needs a lot of positive words right now. I am soooo excited to give it to her for Christmas. I hope she likes it as much as I do! Anyway, it's posted here. I started another blog to post more about my increasing creative stuff. I can't believe that a year ago, I didn't sew regularly, never had made a collage or participated in a swap!

Here's to a wonderful new year!

Oh, and if I had the fortune to win!

Sid Simpson said...

I will be 39 on the 24th. Happy Birthday to us!

If I win, I would love something in greens.

Breanna said...

Happy 200th, and happy early birthday! These holidays can drive me a bit batty, but I am pushing through ... We are paring back quite a bit as well. Having to buy a new car in November doesn't make shopping in December too easy. Good luck with all of your baking and projects this week!

jar said...

200 posts. Congrats on this and standing your ground with the ex. I am so thankful that you were my first swap partner. I learned a lot from you.

Colors - blue and gold?