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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sweet Goodness October Swap and MORE!

The mail man has been goooooood to me lately--here is my October Sweet Goodness Swap package from Jane A--My October swap package from Jane A--(noticeably missing is the Lindt Chocolate, and packages of fun candies for the have been the gremlins (me and Josh) ;)

....I received tons of fun items from Jane who went over and above:

Funky ceramic owls
vintage craft books

AUTOGRAPHED DVD by Traci Bautista!!
Awesome collaged pumpkin
All sorts of textured vintage wallpaper
Vera Scarfs (soo cool)
And more!

I love everything--I've watched the video and it's great AND started a new collage with some of the wallpaper!

I'm now the owner of one of Jane's uber cool collages (girl after my own heart)!
Love--it; and she personally signed and put a note on the back that I heart as well!

Thank you Jane--I couldn't think of a better Swap Sister to be partnered with!
**November swap coming up--Tags and Swags--I've started on both and they are coming along-I have grand ideas for the swag portion-we'll see how the "cookie crumbles"..hint ;)

Here's a peek at what I sent Jane!

Speaking of going over and above--these pictures were taken with MY NEW CAMERA---whoooooo hooooooo Santa has come to visit me!! Told ya the mail has been good for me this week. Yep--thanks to Mrs. Claus (Mom) and her partner in crime, Mr. Claus (step Dad Craig)--I now have an fab new camera-a Fuji FinePix z10 fd--I'm just starting to play with it and really love and appreciate my early birthday and Christmas present! Thank you----xoxoxoxoxoxox!! (...haha..they also said they were investors in my "business", and believed in what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it in a way that they could.....tears don't know HOW MUCH I really appreciated it, because Ireally could not afford to buy a new camera myself..sniff sniff.....I really am thankful). :)


Have an artfully great week---I really need to catch up on my blogging friends, for the first time in a long long long time, my bloglines are full of updates. I hope to stop by soon to all of my wonderful blog friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey LucyLoo! Aww, missed you too! I love the "Shine On" below, gosh you're so fabulous!!
I'll swing through later and try to catch up on the posts I've been missing.
Hugs and stuff

Rebecca said...

Nice package! Is that a collage pumpkin?? So cute. :) I'm ready for November swap are you? Just kidding. But I am starting this weekend.