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Monday, November 05, 2007

Spread The Word!

Have you taken the "Buy Handmade" Pledge yet?

It's simple to do, click on the badge to the right of this post and follow the instructions listed. One of the challenges of starting off selling your handmade items, is finding a market for them and then once you do--leading your potential customers to you. Etsy is a great forum for not just the sellers, but a fabulous place to find just about anything you could possibly want for what ever special occasion you may have coming up, holiday you celebrate--heck, pick up a special item just for you-just cuz ( you deserve it)! The draw back of Etsy is, it is so new, that not a lot of people know about Etsy or perhaps don't think about buying on Etsy in this age of commercialism and instant gratification. There are many more sellers perusing the site than there are buyers so alot of sellers are on a mission to spread the word in our communities, via our blogs, marketing materials, promotions we are doing and so on, to increase the buying traffic to this website. I bet the majority of people who read my blog and blog themselves either know about Etsy, sell on Etsy, or have purchased something on Etsy---but how many of your friends know about this marketplace?? Does your family realize that you have a favorites list a mile long they can peruse to find a special item you like??? Have your co-workers ever checked it out?

My challenge to you is to show support this holiday season to the indie crafter by spreading the word about Etsy, let's drive traffic to this wondeful site in droves!! Tell your friends where you got that beautiful necklace, those fab earrings, the one of kind tote bag, the original artwork, the fantastic print, cool ornaments!!!

Another marketing idea would be for everyone to buy a gift for the upcoming holiday season and give it to a person that may have not have heard about Etsy and let them know where you purchased it--the hope would be for them to spread the word about this shopping site in support of all the talented people out there!! So much love and care and talent goes into all these items made buy the "Etsians"---let's show the big boxes that there is another Sheriff in town, and he's gonna take it by storm! Oh sure, there will be some Playstation games under the tree, hopefully some Bath and Body products for Momma--but in addition to the store bought gifts, I have a list going of a few special someones who I'm going to treat to an Etsy purchase or two, from a few great "shops" I've found.
Speaking of shops--I'm going to share a few shops a week with you--let's all do the same and direct even a bit of the traffic away from the commercial stores--because it would be a shame not to!

Here's a few shops you may or may not have seen before--check them out!

Awesome Art

Cool Jewelry Here!

Clean up with some of These!

Be Styling with these!

Surely one of these would be Sew Perfect!

This is on my wish list--can't believe it hasn't sold yet!


Please check out some of these shops-and spread the word. The customer service is top notch on this site-you won't be disappointed!!!

Oh--almost forgot--here's another fave ;)


***The above picture is another exercise in my photo transfer technique and graffiti style art-so much fun! Titled: "Can Be!"


Jane said...

I have been buying Etsy gifts for birthdays for about 9 months now and everyone has loved getting something origional. With the "Gapping" of America its so rare to get a gift that you have never seen before. Plus I find with Etsy, the price is great, the service is great and the selection is amazing! Truly the hardest part is deciding which thing to buy.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog here is mine I'm an etsian too.

Susan said...

Thanks for the good advice! Handmade items have much more soul than mass produced things. (I'm also a big believer in re-purposing and recycling vintage treasures.)