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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shine On

"Shine On"
Things I've learned this week. When you think all is lost in a project, think again. I made this and it had the blue and yellow backgrounds and it just didn't look right so I decided to frame it in black--well that may have been a great plan but I dumped (accidently) a whole lot of black on the picture had to go with it. I wiped a few parts off, and thus you see the color peeking out. Then I looked at it, and wondered what the heck I was going to put on a black background that would pop or be able to be seen---of course, more layers. The collage artists favorite thing to do...more layers!
The fashion phot is a image transfer--which is one of my new favorite techniques using gel medium (you really don't need the expensive stuff that says "image transfer gel"--I found the gel medium works perfectly fine, if not better itself. The trick is to build up about 4 layers or so and let dry over night, then soak in warm water for about an hour before your roll the paper off the back.
Here is the full picture, which this piece is about 5 x 7 on wood. It looks even better in person. :)

Another transfer idea that I tried was a tape transfer and that turns out even better for small pics--my first one turned out perfect which is more than I can say about the gel transfers so I am definitely doing more of that technique in my art coming soon.
Later on I will do another post and let you know what SANTA brought me EARLY this week! Whoooo hoooo--plus I need to post my wonderful Sweet Goodness Sister package up from Jane--so much to do, so little time.
Gotta run, little man is hungry, must feed the child :)

1 comment :

Paula said...

This is very very cool! Isn't it funny how sometimes the mistakes turn out to be your favorites? Art and Life!
I don't understand the image transfer thing. Sounds very interesting. I'm gonna have to do some research on that. hmmmm....

Love your new blog look!