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Saturday, November 10, 2007

WIP-Mixed Media Portrait "This Is What"

Here's a little peak into a work in progress that I've been playing with the last few days. The art of the human portrait has always been just outside of my artistic reaches so one of my goals this year is to make more portraits in an effort to enhance my skills. One thing I think this piece is starting to rise above in is depth---and that I'm doing the happy dance about! Can you see me?? :) I still have a ways to go before finishing and I've taken some pictures of the journey along the way to so I will be posting soon the true transformation.

How's everyone's Thanksgiving plans coming? I'm working on getting my house in order as I'm actually having some out of town guests for 5 days! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! (another happy dance) My dear Sister Becky and my nieces and nephew will be driving alllll the way from Dunkirk, NY to Aberdeen, NC- which is about 670 miles to spend the holidays with us. I'm excited as I've lived in NC for 8 years now, and this is the first time she's coming to visit. Not to mention, I rarely have much family around the holidays--so it's all good. I unfortunately don't have vacation that week, but we still will be able to spend a good amount of time together. Can't wait to see ya Beck-!


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Paula said...

You're artwork is growing in leaps and bounds, it's incredible. I'm stumbling over my words to try to tell you how much it has morphed. Look at that portrait and the details in the eyes. Really good, Lucy!
Yeah! Glad for you that your sis will be visiting for Thanksgiving. Too Cool!

Anonymous said...

Fab Fab Fabulous WIP!!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

You are going to be huge (not in a fat way, in a famous way!) Your paintings are so fantastic, and filled with passion, I so enjoy your blog!! How cool to have everyone come and stay, I hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic xoxox

Heidi said...

Hey, I clicked on the link to your shop (in this blog post) and got an error message at etsy. What's up?

We're having company for TG too, and I'm looking forward to it, though I can't think about it till after Tuesday. (Shhh. I have a job interview!)

Breanna said...

Beautiful artwork! How exciting to have family for the holidays.