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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chasing Dreams from Start to Finish!

From start to finish---here is the collage that I "re-did"--this was completed back in March or April.

Then I got a bug up my butt and painted over it and began assembling my fairy lady...

Layering on the textures with music, textured tissue, glitter, metallic paint, and more!

I got to this point and just wanted more color and definition around the face.... I added a black border, pinker cheeks, more texture on the face, and a white swirly border.
And here she is, my collage "Chasing Dreams" (the picture is darker and brighter if that makes sense than the outdoors feature captured).
Around the edges, I have a very minute amount of doodling about believing in dreams, and dreams that are realized because of believing.

I really love how she came out---I wish I could have you all over for a tour of my newest pieces! :)

I received my SweetGoodness Swap package from Jane A--and it is the ulitmate!! I took pics and they came out crappy because of the light so I didn't want to dishonor her by posting less then fab pics. The candy is all gone though that she sent..LOL..gremlins. They get ya every time! She sent loads of goodies, much more than the guidelines and I love everything from the vintage textured wallpaper, collaged pumpkin, my own personal collage from Jane--a FABULOUS AUTOGRAPHED video from Traci Bautista (one of my favorite funky collage artists)--vintage books, and treats for my kidlets! WOWZA--Thank you Jane--I will make sure to get a picture up this weekend when I can take them during the day outdoors.
Next up on our swaps is the Tags and Swags portion---Who has theirs started????
I've got the ideas started!!! :)

Have an Artfully great Week


laura said...

Lucy! I love your fairy! Perhaps you should make a few prints of it for your shop???

Paula said...

I just finished my tags last night and my Swag last weekend. Running to the post office to send it out a little early. My partner is headed out of town and I want her to get it before she leaves. Thanks for the hints on the tags. I had loads of fun making them and even my DH loves them and wants me to make more (LOL)!

Sid Simpson said...

I love how you recycled that. Very pretty.

Christy said...

She's beautiful Lucy!

I've started on the Swag part, but only in the idea stage for the tags. Better get myself busy!