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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Myrtle Beach Halloween Costume Contest (very small costumes at that ;)

Highlights from the costume contest in Myrtle Beach at "Broadway at the Beach", 2007:
My personal favorite for originality:
3 flies on Sh*t!

Halloween is fast becoming the boys favorite holiday!
I'm surprised Josh posed for this picture, but then again, he is a ham. And apparently now, a player!

Oldest son, Zack in all his jailhouse & snowbunny glory (is that what she is??..not sure). Costumes are sure getting skimpy these days. I remember back in the olden days we wore witch costumes! Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was about as sexy as anyone got when we were growing up ;)

Friend of the boys--Clayton found some trouble brewing right along with the rest of the gang.
Like I said...costumes sure are getting skimpy. I better start the Dancing with the Stars exercise tape pronto if I wanna dress up next year!

Lots of fun peeps posing!

And for the finalists in the costume contest---in 3rd place was Dale--no joke, he's back!! And looks as good as ever!

This guy may have lost his head, but he won 2nd place and 1500 dollars so it must have been worth it!

Ta-Dah! Grand prize winner, funky pumpkin man--Super cool costume and super fab prize--$2500 buckaroos! Dang--I want that!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


Jenn Maruska said...

Happy Halloween!! : )

Paula said...

Looks like those boys had a fabulous night!
Happy Halloween to you ~