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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nice and Blue

"Autumn Blues"
Lately that's how I've been feeling--one day up, the other day down. You can see it in my last few works, going from crazy chaos, to peaceful and serene, to fun and campy, to eery and blue. Funny how everything tends to come out in your work, isn't it? I have a few other pieces I haven't put up yet because I haven't decided if they are totally done, but both are blue and grayish in tone. My neighbor stopped over a minute and before I could stop him from picking up my artwork he grabs the one that is a self portrait of sorts and starts to read the journaling on it. He says, you know I took a couple of classes in Psychology (doubtful...LOL...but I nodded my head and said uhhhhhuhh) and you have a few issues, don't you.. LOL Noooooo what makes you think that, just because I drew myself with blue and gray hair and have mirrors for eyes and angry journalling all throughout the upper body? You think that's symbolic?? Noooo I was just messing around. I quickly grab it back and say oh it's not done yet and laugh to myself because for sure now I'm probably casted as the neighborhood freaky thrifty artsy fartsy neighbor with a crazy lunatic x manfriend that still creates havoc. The neighbor says.....umm I was thinking of asking you out for dinner......and I quickly say, ummmmm I don't think that's a good idea, I'm not interested in going out with anyone right now. Besides I have issues.

Are you sure you want to give this to me???
This is a belated thank you to 2 of my favorite bloggers, Dinah who writes on her blog "Miss Bufforfington" and
Bee from New Zeland (luv ya ladies), for nominating me for the Nice Matters award. I really appreciate this nomination, my first nomination for anything in my entire life let alone in bloggville so I was really tickled with the award. I'm not sure if I'm deserving of this award or not but I do appreciate the friendships that have evolved through blogging and sense of community we have created with one another--that's what's NICE, and what I enjoy about blogging. Please stop by these ladies and say hello because in order to nominate someone, you yourself has to be awarded this award first and they truly deserve their nominations as well. Both are super friendly, have great thrifty sense of style, crafty, creative, and very giving in their world and communities.
Okay so I, in turn, would like to nominate a few people that I haven't seen win the Nice Matters award (and forgive me if you have already received it and I missed your post). It's really hard to pick, because everyone I've met is truly deserving.
Jennifer Juniper- a stylish Mom who shares great recipes and wonderful pictures of her home, gardening and super sweet pics of her kidlet. She is always nice and encouraging to everyone she meets.
Heidi S -my first blog swap partner. I've followed her blog since Rebecca paired us last October together (before our Sister Swap) and we truly have become friends. She always is thoughtful, family orientated, and willing to lend an ear when you need her.
Elia is another pal that I love to visit, she's a fantabulous papercrafter who is a WAHM, just had a darling baby girl "Isabella" and a handsome lil man "Diego". Elia is just sweet as can be...her children are lucky to have such a caring Mom! Elia is also aspiring to write a papercrafting book....gotta love all the motivation she has!
Miss Frosting and Sparkles you are guaranteed to gain 50 lbs as soon as you even LOOK at her blog which is chock full of pretty pastries and bakery goodness (which btw are really fat free but you won't believe your please check them out for yourself).
I could sit here all night and list wonderful people that I've met that are just as nice as can be but Dancing with the Stars is on and I need to go watch it. I know we will be having a quiz tomorrow at work about the show..LOL. so I need to do my "studying" :)
Have a great week!


Heidi said...

Oh, aren't you sweet! Thanks for the nomination. I've been called lots of things, but usually not "nice."

Hey, was the neighbor cute?

Heidi said...

Okay, that dude needs some serious lessons in how to ask somebody out. "Hey, you're messed up--wanna go out with me?" is really not the proper technique! LOL What a doofus.

Lucy said...

Heidi S--lol---actually it's not that he's bad looking, he's just not my type (anymore) kinda like going from the pan into the fryer!

Heidi G-LOL--yes I know, great approach, huh?? It's like he's saying, hmmmm she's good prey because she's been messed with before.. LOL Sorry charlie, I'll pass! (hopefully he doesn't read this ;)

jar said...

I like your reply to the neighbor.

Rebecca said...

Your recent pieces are gorgeous. :) And maybe your neighbor likes his woman with issues LOL whatever!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Thank you so much Lucy!!!! XOXOXOXO

ellia said...

thank YOU always for YOUR sweetness and kindness! it always comes at a great time :) big hugs to you and thanks again for you love, support, encouragement :)