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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coffee Break

That's what I'm doing right now...taking a break with some good ole Starbucks coffee, topped off with some cinnamon swirl coffee creamer. On the stove is a pot of "semi-homemade" spaghetti sauce with my own meatballs, and it's actually somewhat cool here today (in the low 80's).....awww the sounds and smells of fall are in the air!
I'm attempting to mow the lawn one last time for the season. Ohhhh how I have dreaded mowing all spring and summer. I'm glad that chore is coming to a close.
Here's a side view of this ultra sweet girly glam acrylic collage called "Coffee Break". I've been trying to use up all my backgrounds I have started ( I almost love making backgrouds as much as the collage itself). The cup and the cupcake are magazine images totally altered and the wording is hand cut from music sheets and painted a pretty robins egg blue.

Yesterday my little speech went well as could be, I'm not used to keeping the attention of 3-13 year olds and explain things in ways that they can understand but I think I was able reach them with examples of "wants and needs" and how you can decipher between the two, set goals for yourself and save money even if you don't have a lot of money to save. I gave them all savings account registers and told them to get a coffee can and put all the change they have in the can and write it down in the book....showed them how to do that....and gave them instructions on what to do once they add to it, or take money away. We had fun discussing "How we spend money" , "How we get Money" and ways to save for college, for a new car...."
I had to laugh, I asked one of the kids where do they get their money from and they said rather quickly "Bank of America" LOL....I was going for birthdays, allowance, paper routes..LOL Not to mention Bank of America is our companies biggest competitor! Oh I about lost it. :)
After our discussion the boys and I went the scenic route back up 220 and stopped at some really great produce stands and loaded up on some goodies and got a few pumpkins to liven up the front porch. As we were coming up to the stand all of a sudden this SUV started spewing watermelons everywhere...badong, bang, splat, all over the road, flying at cars, then their luggage came flying out in the road it was quite the sight! They apparently forgot to shut their trunk and whipped out into traffic, well that went over like lead watermelons! We all thought it was hysterical!
Some people are in such a rush no matter where you go.
Well break time is over---but if you want to see more creations of mine,
check out the shop (I reduced a couple of seasonal items so check them out too!)


Retro Girl said...

Thanks for visiting me :-)

Love this Break Time piece...It's so pretty--I love the colors!

Jenn Maruska said...

Glad your speech went well! You should be proud that you planted those seeds of financial know-how. Kids need to be taught about finances - they'll have to use that knowledge their whole lives. Bravo!

I like that you painted the sides of your collage - very nice : )

Vallen said...

I love tis collage, it's one of my favorites. I'm from a three generation B of A family, I mean people who worked there. Can we still be friends?