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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I've Got Issues

Here's the now "famous" self portrait, "I've Got Issues". I made sure to add all the grey hair that I now have strewn throughout my head. I really need to visit for a while with Miss Clairol, don't you think? I'm going to definitely give her a call Saturday or Sunday. I'm tired of looking at all the grey on my head (scratch that)...on my hair brush. Time to do something about it!

I have to apologize to Jane L., Nancy, and Rebecca who are all waiting on a package from me. I'm having not just swap angst because only one of the send outs are swaps...I'm just having a hard time getting my act together this last week. I'm not sure what my problem is. I will DEFINITELY have everything sent out no later than Monday ladies!! I promise! Pinky Swear! :) One thing I know I need to do is to just put all my artsy stuff away for a few days so I can find my dining room and living room again, that might help me so I can even just get the packages together..LOL. Okay so it's not that bad but well....stuff has exploded around me and I'm drowning in my own work if that makes sense. It's almost like I keep making and making and making things for no particular reason than to escape. In the mean time I have let other things go. I guess I need to find a balance somewhere so I can keep on track with all the want to's and all the have to's.

This weekend we are having a big Fall Arts and Crafts Festival in Southern Pines AND an Antique Show in Cameron, NC...both on the same day! BLLLLLLEEEHHHHH! I hate that. I want to go to both but I know DS will only last sooooo long. I'd be more excited if I had more money to spend, but it doesn't cost anything to window shop and at least it's getting out of my "studio" for a bit. I'll have to bribe Josh with a doughboy and Blockbuster and he should be game to play with Mamma Saturday for a few hours at least. Hopefully it won't rain this year. The last two shows have been a bit of a let down because it's been rainy and cold. We haven't seen much if any rain here in several weeks. They now cut your hands and feet off in this county if you are caught watering your yard if that gives you any idea of our draught situation. I'm in no jeopardy of that thank goodness...don't plants are long gone...LONG GONE!

Ohhh and family...if you are cell phone is on the blink so please call the house for the next couple of weeks until I get around to getting my new phone!

Happy Hump Day :)

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Jenn Maruska said...

Sounds like you could use a break from crafting. Take a deep breath. Do something completely different and re-charge your battery.

: )

My muse returns after I've taken a break and rested.

Paula said...

Maybe a good book and a bubble bath are in order...or a glass of wine and the beach...

I love the colors you used in your self portrait, yes even the gray hair.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, my friend.

Jane said...

Had to smile when I read this because getting to the post office is the hardest part about swaps and stuff for me! I love the crafty part but wrap, find the address and the postage wait in line part, not so much!
AND, I never have any plans until there are two great things in one weekend and I have to choose! Such is life!

The self portrait is lovely!


Tag! You're it! Check out my blog if you would like to play along:O)

Breanna said...

I am afraid I have a few too many gray hairs showing. And speaking of plants being long gone, I bought 4 beautiful mums a few weeks ago, to brighten up our lawn for fall, and I have already killed them all. That might just be a record for me! Like always, I am loving your collages.