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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Layer by Layer


This collage was really fun to do--I experimented with just about everything I could think of for this..LOL. Papers, gesso, found items, glue, image transfers, markers, found stamps, gel pens, paint pens, sandpaper, journaling--acrylic paint, metallic paint, glaze. And then after that, I painted some more, then rubbed bits off with baby wipes and more sandpaper. There's lots of texture, lots of depth--thus the title Layer by Layer. Image transfer is a lot of fun, you just never know what you are going to get in the end of the process. I want to really delve into this process some more and perhaps try different mediums. Right now, I've gone through about half a bottle and found that when you are soaking in the water, it should not be HOT---haha---nope that does not work. It melts off the glue rather than release the paper (purpose of soaking).
Layer by Layer--Day by Day---we all unfold.

This collage doesn't quite have the layers that the first collage has but I tried to create depth with light and dark values, blurring the graffiti style painted on word "Soar"in the background then painting and doodling over it. Some of the shapes are from my hand "designed" papers created while doing other works. For awhile now I've been having a secondary collage going on while making my primary collage in an effort not to waste paint--it also is a good place to trial stamp and to "play" around with ideas. The end result can turn into a collage in itself--like this one, or you can just use the paper & cut for more backgrounds and images like I used in my "No One To Fear" piece. Either way it's all good!
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What have you been experimenting with??? It's fun to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. It's also a little frightening--like I'm having anxiety over creating a simple little ornament using a microscope slide---or the anxiety I feel when I cover up a background I've made with more images, more paint, more journaling---what if I ruin it--or what if my point is lost with all the layers--what if what if what if----oh my goodness I think I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. Somehow, I get over it and just create something and often times, it just takes on a life on it's own. I think when you try to control things too much, that's when you fail. You need to listen to your inner voice and just let go and create from within.
Amen sista'.
Have a Happy Friday Eve. :)


Rebecca said...

Sounds like fun! And tell me more about image transfer, don't think I've tried that.

I'm not so much experimenting these days as I am crankin' out the Goodness. But I do plan to do some light sewing this weekend and with me, that is always experimental LOL

Sheri said...

oh i love these collages... especially the bird... beauty!