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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodies Galore--UPDATED

While I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately, there has been some bubbling and bubbling,toiling and troubling spookactular creativity going on in the dining room "studio".....this is a sneak peek of a little pressie that's heading out to a spooky swap partner of mine. I don't want to spoil the surprise so these are just crops of the whole picture.
I'm not a paper crafter (scrapbooker) but I do like to use stamps and paper, and who could resist these cute as can be Martha Stewart cat stamps availiable at Michael's. ((They've been marked down this week if you have a store near you)))

After joining in Raesha's tag swap earliar this year, I have been a tag makin' Mamma lately. I'm going to continue to make my own tags for the gifts I give from now until ever and ever and ever. They are just too fun!
(The witch is another Martha Stewart Stamp)

This pic is part of a special holiday collage I made this week--again going out to a special swap sister--I just love that saying, "The Few That Soar"...whether it's writing, painting, sewing, collage--not everything is going to be perfect. Most of what you do in life is in preparation for the "Few That Soar".
I'm also involved in a challenge to make an ornament from a microscope slide. Hmmmmm I have never made anything from a microscope slid
e----have you??? Especially an ornament. I'm not sure what to do!! There's a little pressure on me because it's for an exchange with other artists at my first meeting (that I'm attending) of the NC mixed media artist guild the second week of November and I don't want to look like a flaming idiot in front of a bunch of extremely talented individuals!!!!! BLAHHHIIIIIEEEEKKKK!
HELP! I did buy some supplies from this place. (They have decent prices and super quick shipping, lots of fun items to explore). I don't have a sodering gun so I'm going to have to make due with foil tape. I'm not going to get into jewelry making right now (don't want the extra expense or to add on to my "addictive habits"), so I don't have any beads either. But---I do have paper, images, the tape, glue up the wazoo, glitter, buttons, yarn, markers, so I'm sure I can figure out something--it's just nerve wracking to me until it's done. Sorta like performance anxiety. I don't know how those on Dancing with the Stars do it---I'd be throwing up all over the place before I went on stage--but I digress :)

Lots of Goodness in the mail this week--first here's a wonderful assortment of goodies Rebecca collected for me over the last couple of months. She made me a neck warmer to match some pink and brown mittens she made for me last winter. I don't want to toot my own horn but it does look smashing on me ;) Thanks Rebecca, you did a wonderful job. She also sent me a beautiful framed collage which I wasnt' able to capture all the sparkly details of but it's lovely, trust me--and sitting on my craft desk as we speak. Another fun item is the artist smock which was wrapped up so pretty and adorned with a beautiful purple brooch. Purple is one of my favorite favorite colors. Sooooo much goodness all in one box, I love it all. Ohhh and a cool magazine from my favorite recipe site and a great scrapbooking/collage book which is loaded with great ideas for me to us in my art work.
Thank you Rebecca--your the best!!

Another pic of the neck warmer..

More mail goodies came my way from sweet Laura of Little Orange Kitchen. I won a giveaway on her blog and it couldn't have been more fitting for me----Loads and loads of stamps from all over the world.Great epherema to use in my collage as well. In addition, Laura sent a bunch of the prettiest papers and other scrapbooking goodies as an extra surprise. If you haven't checked out her blog--please do so, she writes the funniest stories and always has such great adventures to share!~
Thank you Laura!!!

Not yet pictured is a total surprise pack from another sweet blog friend of mine--Miss Shara of Monkeybox--she is the queen of junkin, an amazing Mom who is always donating her time and talents to her DS's school, and she writes such funny observations of her adventures in thrifting and family life. Shara sent me ooodles of great pictures and wording that she took the time to cut out for me as a blogoversary gift :) I am always touched by the generousity I've felt by so many of you that I haven't ever met--not just gifts you send, but your kind words and comments you leave, the comforting emails I recieve, and the friends I've made really make this all sooooo worthwile to me. I wouldn't give blogging up for anythying.
Thank you
Shara--I will get a picture of your fashionista goodies you sent asap. :)

Okay--gotta run for now--I will edit later with links to everyone!


Rebecca said...

I am loving your Halloween crafting! I have to admit that I, too, have used quite a bit of Martha's stuff in my Halloween goodies, too. :) And I picked up something else on sale last night.

You're so welcome for the swap! I'll be posting your goodies next week once I get them all home and photographed. Thank you so much for being wich a wonderful friends.

love you, girl!!!

Shara said...

I am glad you enjoyed the packet of words and photos. I just hate tossing anything useful. Thank you for the sweet comments about me in your post. I appreciate it. DS ws behind me reading it and said, "You are an amazing MOM!" ha He'll wise up one of these days.....;o)

Sid Simpson said...

I love witchy things. I hope you don't mind if I snitch your idea about soaring witches. Thank you for inspiring me!


Paula said...

I LOVE that witch tag you made! I'm a little nervous about my tag making skills for the November portion of the Sister Swap. Just jump right in, right?! Yikes!

Christy said...

Love the Halloween crafts Lucy!

A Christmas ornament from a microscope slide sounds interesting. I think you should approach it as a mini collage. Your collages are great and I'm sure whatever you do to the slide will be wonderful. :)