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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Few that Soar

New Pieces!
9x12 on canvas board-acrylics, markers, gel pen, music paper (cut and painted for the witches hat), acrylic crayon. This is a whimsical protrayl of the two sides of me. Who doesn't have a little good and bad in them? ;)
I'm fighting a serious case of lack of motivation lately. I think maybe I've just had too much of my own surroundings for my own good so DS and I took a ride and did some "junkin" at a few stores about 20 minutes away in a direction I rarely go. I'm so glad I did, I met the most delightful shopowner who after speaking with we discussed her business how she gets her inventory, what her plans are for the future (renovating a really old run down but structurally sound home for her new shop right behind her old shop) and then we got into my art. She gave me some good advice, don't try to force it. Sometimes I may be guilty of doing that, but only because I have so many ideas in my head and want to experiment--but the other side of me really wants to sell things and trying to figure out what will sell to the right person and what might be popular clogs my head. I need to stop thinking about it because I won't be successful if I don't do what's inside of me.

Heidi--here's another use of the wallpaper I bought from you--I may have to purchase more because I love the map print! I'm trying to do a few pieces in a fall or halloween theme, this is a hand painted scary night picture on wallpaper (mounted to coldpressed 100lb paper) with magazine cut out words. Fun!

The other day, another friend fed me some words of wisdom she read (or had in a class...forgive me my mind is going I can't barely remember anything lately), those words were---Most of your art are merely exercisese for the few pieces that will take off and soar.

Who knows where or when they will soar, but the point is, it's all progress and it's all moving forward. I can't ask for more than that. Well I can, but I won't because it's futile--things happen when they happen.


I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!



thepinkkitchen said...

Interesting words. I like them. I want to let them settle into my brain for awhile.

Good for you heading in a different direction today. It is a good way to clear the brain.

I got to sand and prime my kitchen today. That is good for clearing the brain, too! :)

Cheers! LA

Paula said...

Sounds like you had a great day ~ meeting new people and getting new idea's and feedback ~ what could be better? Are both the pieces in today's post new? I like both of them but especially the first. Really nice. You did a mermaid awhile back? Is she going into your shop one of these days?

Raesha D said...

These pieces are make such cool stuff!!! I have no talent for collage and doodling...and no desire to try when I can admire your luscious goodies instead:):)

Jessica said...

Randomly found your blog! Wow! I love the inspirational pieces you have here! Simply stunning!!

Heidi said...

It's still hard for me to see how the wallpaper shows in the background, but I'll trust you that it looks cool! I can do a special order to you of just map pieces if you want.

"Don't force it" sounds like good advice for just about anything!

Laura said...

I think you'd be surprised at how much people would like the stuff that you create just because you want to. Down the road, I'm sure people will ask you to do commissions or specific themes for them, so for now, you should do exactly what you like.

End of the Line is just great!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like your friends gave great advice - it's advice that we can all apply to various aspects of our lives. Both new collages are very cool!

Anonymous said...

I love your friends wisdom :) And I love watching how you're talent keeps expanding too!