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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Words To Live By

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This piece is pretty big, I had a hard time getting afull true copy of it, so here it is in bits and pieces---from beginning to end.

I painted free hand these shapes way back in the spring and there this background sat. Sometimes that's how it goes. You start something when the inspiration hits you, but they aren't always meant to be finished right away. Not everything in life goes from a-z. Sometimes we stop at F or U for a break (haha).

Next I went on to this and pretty much hated what I did.
The gold rays looked dirty and the stamps were all crooked.
The beauty of collage work is that it doesn't have to be perfect which is a good thing because I'm definitely not perfect. Not even close.
I'm mad at myself for not taking a picture of the next step but the long and short of it is I added circles, painted them in with a light wash--even finger painted some (remember that???), added my cutouts and doctored them up lucy style and walah!
We created "Words To Live By"


Okay so this wasn't next---I can't stand the difficulty of rearranging your pics in this program but since it's free..I'll shut my mouth!

This the full picture but it's darker than in real life--Ipainted on some ruby red lips, glammed up her eyes and brows, painted on my first tatoo around her neck and to the side of her eye--and embellished until I could embellish no more. :)



I try to speak the truth.
Now I'm learning to paint it.
Someday I'll sell it..LOL

What I really seek is balance but I couldn't find that word.
Perhaps it will come with another painting/collage.

What would one call my work. It's half painted/half collaged??
Or is that the essence of collage work??
I don't know...I'm still learning!


jar said...

This is a GREAT collage.

Paula said...

I love this one, Lucy! I wasn't sure at first with the shapes but it turned out incredible. Love the blend of colors and what you did with her. You WILL sell these, keep plugging away!

Judy Scott said...

Hi Lucy, thankyou so much for your visit and for telling me about your gorgeous art. You're right about the faces but also the colour too is amazing and flows so well through out all your pieces. Its so good that your art has helped you, its wonderful how it works.

Im intrigued ~ what is the artful blogger magazine where you saw me?????? You'll have to let me know as my curiosity is going now!!! I've never seen the magazine in this country. Off to find your flickr now, take care and have a wonderful weekend, Judy xx