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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Changing Places

When I first moved here to Moore County (NC), I was on a mission to find some different places to eat out, shop at and take daytrips, to. This Log Cabin shop used to be a quaint little restaurant by the same name just before you get to Seven Lakes (or by the looks like the sign it's in Seven Lakes...just not what I consider Seven Lakes). It was a small restaurant, if they had ten tables it was a lot in their little cabin turned eatery. How small was it, you cry?? Well, so small that you could hear loud and clear when something didn't go right in the kitchen. You sat and waited for your food an hoped for the best that the "Son of a Beeswax" wasn't geered toward your dinner.
I suppose it was hard to keep the restuarant in business with the capacity but I do miss going there and sampling their home cooked and eclectic menu. Now, it's turned into a flower shop and country store. Their displays expand the length of the driveway and around the side of the cabin. Inside the shop you can find locally grown produce, local pottery (did you know that Seagrove is home to over 100 pottery artisans and is a great day trip to take and visit the shops and studios of some amazingly talented individuals) as well as a bounty of traditional Americana crafts and kitschy items.

I picked up one of the lovely yellow mums featured in the front of the shop. Hopefully I can keep this plant alive now that the weather is starting to chill out (it's in the low 90's now as opposed to over 100 humid degrees).

Isn't this lighthouse cute? How I wish I had the decorator or gardener touch. Sheesh..I watch enough HGTV, I SHOULD be an expert by now.
But I'm not..LOL...far from it. My tomatoes are dead, my decorating has the personality of the moment-whatever I like I buy whether or not it goes together which makes for some interesting vignettes around the house. Actually right now, my dining room has the best personality. It's totally encased in my craft/paintmania I've had going on now. I'm taking a break to blog when I should be cleaning and organizing. But then, how would you all know about this little restuarant turned shop if I spent all my time cleaning and organizing?? See, I do have my reasons for procrastinating. I wouldn't want to slack on my civic responsibilities :)

Okay but I really should start creating something. I can always organize later!

I did these the other day---tiny clipboard art for fall.
They are too cute!

Here's another mini altered clipboard I painted, added decorative paper, stamps and a vellum quote. I tied raffia all along the metal part for an added touch.
Speaking of creating and blogging---It's coming up on my one year Bloggoversary!! Whoooo hooooo!! It's hard to believe a whole year has just about passed since I first started blogging. I've learned so much, made a ton of friends and I really feel I've grown creatively. I am going to be offering a little giveaway mid month closer to my anniversary so keep your bloglines set so you can get in on the give away!!

check out my etsy shop for some new clipboards I've added that are wayyyy cute!. (I haven't added these autumn ones yet...but they will be soon if anyone is interested).

Have a great week!


Shelby said...

enjoyed the visit this morning and the beautiful sites and things.. :)

nancyb said...

My goodness what a lovely day you had! Thank you for sharing it with us! I wouldn't have minded taking a few plants home too...cept my green thumb or lack there of would probably kill them all LOL And these tiny clipboards are just too darn cute!!! Hugs!

Dinah said...

Thank you for the tour. I enjoy bloggers featuring places like that. And I just love the little clipboards. I'll be looking for them!